Mar 2, 2017

I’ve recently returned from RSA Conference, one of the world’s largest security gatherings hosted in San Francisco, and as always, the event certainly did not disappoint.

During this year’s conference, we saw increased attention towards Advanced Zero Day protection within the Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and mobile segments. This competitive market continues to evolve, and it was great to hear firsthand from CIOs that Deep Instinct is a favored vendor when it comes to EPP/mobile protection. After speaking with a number of clients, analysts and media, we noticed another theme emerge from this year’s show: consolidation. We’re seeing more consolidation as it relates to EDR/AV/EPP, and this trend presents new challenges in traffic analysis due to major breaches that occurred in 2016.

The conference also touched on where artificial intelligence currently stands and where it’s headed. Surprisingly, machine learning is still the chosen method for detecting cyber threats. In fact, during a few of the keynote sessions, companies stated that they are still 2-3 years out from implementing deep learning. Given the steady trend in machine learning, many conference attendees were interested in learning more about how Deep Instinct is leveraging the deep learning model to protect against cyber threats.

Conversations at RSA Conference also focused on challenges that the security industry is facing, which includes:

  • The growing number of unknown threats occurring on a daily basis
  • A relatively small segment of the market has the proper architecture in place to protect networks from zero-day threats
  • Enhancing enterprise cybersecurity has to start with the CIO, and they need to understand the cyber dangers and risks to both their company and their boards
  • The world is facing more nation state malware attacks. These attacks are creating very sophisticated APT and zero-day threats which will need to be combated with new, advanced technology
  • Many of the larger vendors still dominate the market even though they utilize older technology solutions – this will likely change over the next few years
  • The number and scale of cyber breaches will likely continue to increase in 2017

Overall, RSA Conference was a great opportunity to meet with and learn from industry experts and peers. It’s easy to get caught up in four days of non-stop activity, but I’d have to say one of my favorite moments from last week was meeting with investors and potential customers in the North American market. As founder and CEO of Deep Instinct, it is exciting to see genuine interest from key players in a market we’re looking to expand in. My meetings reinforced the fact that Deep Instinct has grown rapidly and continues to excel since coming out of stealth mode in November 2015. RSA Conference 2017 was a success, and we’re looking forward to new opportunities in the year to come.