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The Latest and Greatest of Deep Instinct’s Version 2.2

Jun 7, 2018 | Deep Instinct Product Management Team

By: Deep Instinct Product Management Team

We are excited for the release of our new version 2.2! With the release of version 2.2 we’re adding several protection layers to deliver a complete cycle of protection for enterprises. Some of the new product capabilities include:

  • macOS D-Client – Industry first deep learning protection for MacBooks.
  • Multi-tenancy– Manage multi-tenant and multi-MSP environments.
  • Threat Analysis Services – Analysis of latest events, provided by our intelligence team.
  • VDI compatibility – For Citrix XenDesktop/Xen App (“Citrix ready” official certification), VMware Horizon and Amazon workspaces for DVI.

In this post, we will take a closer look at some of the version’s new features and capabilities.

macOS D-Client

This module represents an industry first, deep learning advanced security solution dedicated to macOS. Deep Instinct extends its deep learning accuracy and predictive capabilities to protect macOS, as part of our cross-OS support which include Windows, Windows Server, VDI, Android and iOS endpoints. This development was central to Deep Instinct’s objective to ensure all operating systems and devices within an organization are secure.

The macOS D-Client offers real-time threat prevention with support from the D-Brain which supports Mach-O files and operates without the need for connection to the organization network or the Internet. D-Client is managed from the same cross-OS unified management console and supports on-access detection, detecting any file before it is accessed or executed.


MSSPs (Managed Security Service Provider) and large enterprises are in need for the capability to manage all entities from the same instance and management console. With this new feature, MSSPs and large enterprises can now service more entities efficiently while always keeping the highest level and standard of security.

Our multi-tenancy solution includes the following capabilities:

  • Master view of all MSSPs for monitoring of security events, deployment and license use, as well as establish settings for new entities, administrators and more.
  • Role-based access control to MSSP, SOC, IR, and tenant’s administrators.
  • Simple deployment and registration flow.
  • Apply dynamic rules to devices’ policy and groups using parameters such as Tenant/Device name, Domain, OU, Tag, D-Client version, OS version, IP range and others.
  • SIEM and SMTP integration in the MSSP level.
  • A scalable cloud-based management hosted in AWS.

Threat Analysis Services

Customers can receive periodic reports of latest events provided by Deep Instinct’s research team. The report includes information on the latest threats found in the organization, a breakdown of events by malware type, statistical data regarding the amount and severity of events and details on detected campaigns. The report will also include a complete analysis per malware and recommendations for next steps.

VDI & DaaS (Data as a Service) Platform Protection

As VDI usage is increasing, it is important to note the security challenges that the organization’s IT team faces when implementing such infrastructure. Deep Instinct’s Endpoint Protection Platform provides a complete, lightweight and optimized solution for VDI environments which allows IT teams to gain the benefits of VDI without compromising the organization’s security level.

Deep Instinct’s VDI & DaaS support includes the following:

  • Support for persistent and non-persistent VDI modes.
  • Autonomous & lightweight agent
    • Same protection & visibility compared to physical devices.
    • Real-time, on-device protection.
    • No frequent updates, no need for any cloud access.
    • Low memory footprint (<100MB) and less than 1% CPU usage.
  • VDI-optimized
    • On-access scan only when files are written rather than accessed.
    • No “off-loading” component and no need for a constant full scan.
    • Quick and simple cook-book for deployment on the master image.

Fully compatible with VDI & DaaS market leaders:

  • Citrix XenDesktop & XenApp – Certified
  • VMware Horizon – Compatible
  • AWS Workspaces – Compatible and Partner

These are only highlights of the great features added in the latest version, Deep Instinct strives to offer a complete security and protection offering for our customers. In addition to the features mentioned in the post above, many new and improved features have been added to the version. Our team at Deep Instinct is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most advanced protection for our customers.

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