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With the Power of One: Multi Tenancy Security Solution for MSSPs

Jul 11, 2019

Many times it appears that the cyber security industry represents a perpetual game of cat and mouse. The faster and more advanced the security solutions become, the more devious and malignant the cyber attacks. This conundrum has left many security experts wondering if it’s possible to outsmart this vicious cycle?

Fortunately the answer is yes, and the solution is found in one of AI’s most exciting technologies; Deep Learning. Deep Learning has made it possible to automate algorithms that scan files within seconds, and identify them as either malignant or benign. This training prediction model identifies issues pre-emptively. Therefore no matter the type of malware, phishing or ransomware that has been implanted within a file, its irregular configuration from legitimate files, will make it
susceptible to identification by the deep learning algorithm. Essentially, the more creatively malicious the cyber attack, the more prone it is to identification.

Deep Learning has been proven to provide best accuracy, both in terms of detection of viral events and false detections. An industry comparison study found the error rate of creating manual signatures is 5%, while the error rate of Deep Learning algorithms is as low as 1%. Unfortunately, with legacy anti-virus solutions, MSSPs and MDRs have their work cut out for them. IT security providers are inundated with data. Copious amounts of raw data is perpetually coming in from multiple tenants, each alerting to the full variety of potentially malicious events. MSSPs or MDRs need to trawl through this data to detect and review events, understand the actions that need to be taken, the activities that can be managed independently and the activities that can be addressed by the IT team of an SMB. Of course, attempting to achieve this all within the shortest possible period of time.

Providing far more than just raw data, Deep Instinct’s Multi-Tenancy Security Solution supports MSSPs to manage the entire life cycle of a security threat. The console not only detects malicious events quickly and efficiently, but provides a summary of actionable bottom lines, invaluably supporting MSSPs to manage and maintain events fast and at minimal cost. By aggregating vast amounts of information into a single view, the multi-tenancy console offers the power of one. Deep Instinct’s Multi-Tenancy Security Solution has numerous benefits that make it critical for incorporation.

Seamless Security

As explained above, the Deep Learning cyber security solution pre-emptively protects and prevents zero day malware, ransomware and APT attacks. While the solution attempts to resolve the issue in one event, failing that, it provides valuable insight in to the details of the threat and the necessary actions that need to be taken. This supports the MSSP to spend less time and resources trying to analyze and address the issue, significantly reducing the cost of further actions.

Multiple Sites, Still Simple to Manage

The Multi-Tenancy Security Solution facilitates the integration of the Deep Learning algorithm, enabling it to be implemented in numerous locations via the  management of one MSSP.  The software has dedicated capabilities that enable service providers to manage and monitor the various and distinct environments of each tenant. These include:

  • A single management console- The software is built with a single dashboard and management console where users can slice and dice information per tenant or for all tenants.
  • Global and per tenant settings – The software has the ability to apply global or specific settings based on the needs of the administrator, whether it is applying a
    policy change that is only relevant to one tenant, or a system upgrade that is relevant to all tenants.
  • Virtual Groups – The software enables MSSPs to virtually group tenant devices with end point characteristics such as domain, hostname, IP range, etc. This greatly enhances operational management as virtual groups can be associated with distinct settings and policies.
  • Role based management – The software facilitates role based access control capability which enables different levels of access per job function.
  • Remote deployment – The endpoint protection software (EPP Software) can be deployed using third party management tools. By using a single cloud-based management server, the software
    can be updated at every endpoint.

Respond Remotely

Characteristically MSSPs need to understand and take action to an event from a remote location. The Multi-tenancy solution provides the ability to remotely acquire detailed information on a specific threat (including the family type, severity, attack timeline etc). On reviewing the information, the MSSP can then remotely respond and remediate the threat by either deleting the malicious file, terminating the running process or isolating the device network.

Dynamic Scalability

As companies grow the Multi-Tenancy Security Solution is designed to grow with them. MSSPs can scale the application of the software without any interference and with minimal effort.

Privacy Kept Precise

When it comes to a multi-tenant solution, privacy is key. MSSPs are able to align information within their databases to the relevant tenant and various users of the system. Furthermore, all  endpoint users are connected to a management server in which they can login to see a personalized view of events pertaining to just their tenancy and have the ability to take action.

With the ability to aggregate and consolidate copious information from multiple sources into just one elegant console, Deep Instinct’s Multi-Tenancy Security solution for MSSPs indeed provides with the power of one, and yet one with it all.