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The Wall St Journal Discovers The New Cyber Frontier

Mar 11, 2020 |

At Deep Instinct we’ve been saying for a while now that cybersecurity is broken, fortunately, a select learned few have come to realize a healthy and effective way out. They’ve come to understand that breaking this model is all about speed, real-time really is just too late.

HP is one such enterprise that has come to realize the benefits of applying deep learning AI to cybersecurity. In their refusal to no longer compromise on high false-positives with high detection rates, their adamance that threats can and should be stopped from entering enterprise systems in the first place, and their perseverance in finding a robust solution that would protect more environments against the widest possible range of threats, they became one of the Learned Few.

HP’s partnership has been important to us, it has entailed the deployment of the Deep Instinct agent on endpoints across the globe. Now operating in more environments than ever before, this represents a major accomplishment in the ongoing battle against malicious cyber actors.

Curiosity piqued, the Wall St Journal sought to understand why compromise in cybersecurity is no longer necessary? How is Deep Instinct using deep learning technology to pre-empt attacks? In this video, they interview Deep Instinct’s CEO Guy Caspi and our HP Partners to unravel the seemingly impossible.

A very special thanks to Gagan Singh HP Global Head of Strategy, Vali Ali Chief Technologist for Security & Privacy, and Andy Rhodes HP General Manager for taking the time to speak with the WSJ and explaining to the world why they chose to become one of the LearnedFew.

To see the Deep Instinct agent in action you can request a demo, and start your organization’s long-awaited journey to become one of the Learned Few.

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