Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique Deep learning Software – harnessing the power of deep learning architecture and yielding unprecedented prediction models, designed to face next generation cyber threats.
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“Deep Instinct is Like Having a Cybersecurity Analyst Observing Users All the Time”

Apr 5, 2020 |

In this testimonial video Matthew Fredrickson, the Director of IT for Council Rock School Districts explains what a huge difference Deep Instinct’s automated deep learning-based solution has made for managing day-to-day security tasks for him and his team.

The Council Rock School District is located in Newtown, Pennsylvania, and is comprised of 15 Kinder to year 12 schools which comprise around 13,000 end users. Deep Instinct has been deployed into the production environment for Windows OS and servers. Matthew advises that the deployment of Deep Instinct compared to other products he has used was remarkably quick and easy. The environment currently has about 3k+ agents deployed, all of which are functioning in prevention mode.

To see the Deep Instinct agent in action you can request a demo, and start your school’s long-awaited journey to become one of the Learned Few.