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Dumped by Symantec? You’re Still Beautiful to Us!

Jun 9, 2020 | Steve Salinas

Being dumped hurts.

And switching security solutions sucks.

So being dumped and then having to switch security tools is just not right.

Switching security solutions is like moving. Even if you are moving into a great new house with a big backyard and a pool, the process of moving itself makes you want to pull your hair out.

While a few businesses may see benefits from the recent Broadcom acquisition of Symantec most security teams in organizations like yours feel dumped. As a Symantec user, you can see the writing on the wall. Your organization is not one of the chosen few that will get the attention you need and deserve from the new company.

Change is coming, whether you like it or not, and as the saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me!”

That’s why at Deep Instinct, we want to help you choose the best solution out there, that will give you the best level of security, without being cost and resource-intensive. For that reason, we’ve provided you with a checklist of factors to keep in mind as you shop around to find a security solution that best meets your needs.

Don’t Replace Symantec with Just Another AV

If you are considering replacing Symantec with another AV, even a next-gen AV, then it’s about time someone told you that there is a whole new world out there. A world that makes the offerings and capabilities of AVs look like a relic from the dark ages! With deep learning-based prevention, you no longer must download and apply updates and signatures on a frequent basis. And you are given the opportunity to fine-tune configurations to your specific use case.

Gone are the days where you need dedicated SOC teams to “squeeze” as many capabilities as you can out of the AV, to create complex configurations and “workarounds” to trap as many threats as possible. With Deep Instinct you can replace your legacy or next-gen AV and immediately notice higher prevention rates, quite likely picking up stuff in your systems that were previously missed. You will also see deliverable gains to lowering the total cost of ownership, as maintenance is just so much less involved.

The difference between Deep Instinct’s prevention capabilities and that of AV’s, even next-gen AVs, is our resilience against new and zero-day threats. Deep Instinct’s technology is not based on the captured signatures and methodologies of previous threats, it is based on deep learning technology that has unparalleled predictive capabilities and is able to identify and prevent threats never seen before. So, while other AVs start to wane over time, particularly when confronted with new variants of malware and zero-day attackד, Deep Instinct continues to provide strong fortification.

Thinking About Moving to an EDR? Think Twice

Moving to an EDR may seem like the smart thing to do as they enable the perception of accountability with their realms of event analytics and threat intelligence. The reality, unfortunately, is SOC teams quickly find themselves flooded with alerts from their EDR solution. This happens because their AV prevention tool is just too porous and too many threats are successfully finding their way through.

To manage this overburdening of security controls, companies have two options; they can either hire expensive IT security staff with sufficient skills and expertise or they can opt to have their EDR externally managed by a service provider. Either way you look at it, buying an EDR, is never just buying an EDR, both involve additional expenses that you must assume. One research report by Gartner put it like this:

…so much of the success of EDR-like features and investigation capabilities relies heavily on the skills and experience of the security administrators using the product day-to-day.”

While we wouldn’t go as far as to say that with Deep Instinct you can do away with an EDR altogether, what we do confidently propose is that Deep Instinct be deployed alongside of an existing EDR solution. With no hassles and no adjustments to EDR deployment, security teams will experience a dramatic decrease in the volume of threats getting in, making the management of your EDR security controls far more manageable and affordable!

Don’t Compromise Between High Detection and Low False Positives

It is an accepted fact that increasing detection controls results in a higher rate of false positives. If the goal is to prevent as many threats as possible, it makes sense that as thresholds tighten, some miscategorization will occur. Given this fact, many security teams continuously work to balance their prevention settings with their capacity to investigate false positives.

Deep Instinct uniquely does not inflict this difficult trade-off on our users. The deep learning technology on which our solution is based can identify threats, either known and more importantly unknown zero-day attacks, in milliseconds. Doing so, with a proven track record of high efficacy and unheard-of false-positive rates. This prevention capability ensures security teams do not have to make the difficult trade-off decisions required by other security products that commonly see sharp increases in false positives as SOC teams attempt to prevent more threats.

Aim for Wide as Possible Platform Play

Incredibly complex and of limited value, companies do not need a security stack comprised of pin-point solutions for every OS, threat and user activity. At Deep Instinct we are continuously working on broadening the coverage of our security solution to help companies achieve a slim and dynamic security stack with wide versatility. Our singular platform provides protection against over 100 file-based and fileless threat types (including ransomware, malware, fileless attacks, phishing attacks, dual-use, PowerShell, etc). We provide coverage to a variety of file types, operating systems, virtual environments, cloud environments, and mobile devices.  Our ability to deliver consistent security across a diverse attack surface substantially drives down the total cost of securing an organization’s complete digital workspace.

With the time you have already invested in developing and maintaining Symantec, we sympathize, what-ever way you go, a change is inevitable. Fortunately, though the team at Deep Instinct is there to help you through this. We will help you to minimize your risk by providing you with great flexibility, reduced TCO and there is no need for an externally contracted SOC company to monitor and supervise events. We also have a special offer for Symantec customers, to make your decision easier.

Just know that whichever way you go, we still think you’re beautiful.