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MSSP Cybersecurity: Do I Need an MSSP Cybersecurity Provider?

Sep 10, 2020

Cyberthreats are becoming a grave concern for the data world. Each day hundreds and thousands of data thefts are being conducted, out of which many go unnoticed. To address this growing threat, there has been a tremendous advancement in the cybersecurity arena that one would be forgiven for thinking would contribute to a rise in a secure cyber environment.

However, there are some drawbacks and loopholes that failed to be addressed and the improvements made in vendor technology have not led to improvements in security as one may have expected.

One of the common issues that many companies face is developing an integrated program that holds the necessary resources to handle everything centrally, under one roof. This is largely because any one organization’s attack surface greatly outstrips the IT security budget that they have in place to secure it.


What value does an MSSP Cybersecurity firm bring to my organization?

Providing access to security services and products that would otherwise be well beyond an organization’s reach, a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) helps organizations more adequately address their security needs. MSSP cybersecurity service providers provide the monitoring and management of an organization’s cyber infrastructure, including but not limited to spam blocking, firewall, VPN management, virus detection, and prevention, etc.

MSSP cybersecurity covers all the necessary tasks that are otherwise managed by an IT system. As an outsourced service provider they bridge the security gap between an organization’s need for coverage across all their digital touch points and the wide variety of cybersecurity tools, practices and services that provide that coverage.

Managed Security Service Providers help by taking over all the imperative tasks that are needed to tackle data threats. The protective services of cybersecurity MSSPs should be active 24/7, which means that a lot of their products need to be continuous and automated.

From virus detection to VPN management, these security service providers should be able to handle everything on your organization’s behalf.


What Do You Get From an MSSP Cybersecurity Firm?

Cyber threats are increasing and becoming more complex every day, creating a concerning situation for organizations that need to preserve their confidential data. Managed Security Service Providers can provide a good level of security without constant concern over providing sufficient maintenance and monitoring. This being the case, MSSPs have enjoyed increasing popularity among organizations, particularly for small and medium size businesses, who just don’t have the resources or budget available to manage their security in-house.

If you haven’t yet thought about having MSSP cybersecurity, here are some important reasons that will help you make a decision.

Better Protection – Organizations deploy different cybersecurity solutions in the expectation that it will improve their protection – unfortunately having many tools often doesn’t help and can in fact be counter-productive. In contrast being covered by an MSSP cybersecurity firm, provides one solution for all possible range of risks.

Better Resources – MSSP’s will have the pooled resources to provide advanced security technology products, with this superior arsenal they can prevent a wider and more varied range of threats.

Better Technology Products – Critical to their business objectives, MSSPs are continually evolving and searching for new ways to secure the clients. They often have multiple options for customers to select to address firewall management, configuration management, virus scans, etc.

Better TCO – MSSP help organizations to lower their operational costs. The modern cyberthreat landscape has become extremely heavy on the pocket, for large and small organizations alike. Both hardware and software need to be updated frequently and managed in a timely manner to ensure ongoing protection. MSSPs help organization save money by reducing their expenses, by providing an all-encompassing security package that allows businesses to get everything they need to stay protected.

Better Support – Managing and monitoring cybersecurity solutions is highly important, but to do it properly you need trained and qualified cybersecurity staff. By choosing an MSSPs, organizations can skip the training, deployment, implementation and management process and directly achieve 24/7 cybersecurity management, provided by experienced professionals. Round the clock management not only increases efficiency but also helps to prevent threats at the earliest possible stage.

A focus on core operation cybersecurity is a significant concern for any data-driven business. At times, deploying cybersecurity measures and maintaining it regularly can consume valuable time that would be better spent elsewhere in the organization. By signing up with an MSSP, IT managers can turn their focus from cybersecurity to other more critical and strategic operations that can bring more value to their bottom line.

The Bottom Line

The risks of cyberattacks are growing at a rapid pace. Malware, viruses, and ransomware are increasingly being used by hackers as weapons to seek money, damage or revenge. Most often stealing valuable and confidential data by breaching into the organization’s system. There has always been a need for potent cybersecurity measures, but they have often required the application of several levels of security to prevent these attacks. Managing and monitoring everything alone is undoubtedly a challenge. That’s where the justification for managed security service providers becomes so compelling.

With flexible package options organizations can either hire them separately or add them on to their existing security program. Either way, as the threat landscape worsens, MSSPs are going to become more critical than ever before.

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