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Has Cylance Gone Silent on You?

Oct 12, 2020 | Steve Salinas

When purchasing a security solution, there are many things to consider:

  • How well does the product work?
  • Is the technology resilient against an ever-advancing threat landscape?
  • What level of support services is the security vendor offering?
  • Will the product integrate with my existing slate of security products?

While these are all critical questions to answer, one question you shouldn’t neglect is if the company, well, will remain a company?


In today’s world of constant acquisitions and consolidations, more and more security companies with seemingly high brand recognition in the market are disappearing. A recent example of this phenomenon is Cylance; once considered an elite security solution provider, today, the Cylance brand, and the innovations it drove, are just a memory.

The acquisition of Cylance by Blackberry in 2019 left many Cylance customers with more questions than answers.


Well, Isn’t a Brand Just a Name?

Recently Blackberry rebranded Cylance’s product line, essentially putting the Cylance brand out to pasture. While you may think ‘Well that is just a brand name, what’s the big deal?’ The reality is a brand is more than just a name.  If an acquiring company eliminates a brand that typically indicates the acquirer is trying to distance itself from that brand for any number of reasons, none of them good.

Even more alarming was the news that Blackberry took a massive goodwill impairment charge (to the value of almost $600 million), a strong indication of a devaluation of the Blackberry Spark unit (which is where Cylance lives). Long story short, the future of the company you signed up with is anything but guaranteed.


From Next-Gen to DeepGen

The problem with most next-gen security solutions, not just Cylance, is the technology foundation that they are built on. Traditional machine learning, while technologically superior to legacy AV tools, can be bypassed by attackers who know how to reverse engineer the machine learning technology.

To stay ahead of advanced attackers, you need a security solution built on Deep Learning, a cutting-edge AI technology with a proven track record of success. You need the ability to not only prevent known attacks but identify and thwart unknown attacks with ongoing reliability, day in, and day out.

Deep Instinct is the only solution on the market that is applying end-to-end deep learning technology to identify and prevent cyber threats from executing. With significant improvements in efficacy up to 90% reduction in false positives, Deep Instinct is forging a new approach to security that enables organizations to get the most out of their existing team while simultaneously improving their security posture.


The Superior Service That You can Come to Expect

If you are relying on BlackBerry Protect (CylancePROTECT) to keep your business secure, you should be acknowledged for being among the few to see the value in a prevention-first approach to security, but with an uncertain future now is the time to make a change.

With Deep Instinct you can:

  • Transition to a cutting-edge security solution in a matter of days
  • Deploy and manage the solution with your existing staff
  • Find threats in your environment did not know existed
  • And finally, you can make the move to Deep Instinct for free.

For up to six months of your remaining Blackberry (Cylance) contract, we’re providing this unique offer so that a smooth transition can be made. A transition to a solution that you’ve long been waiting for, that is immune to the peaks and troughs that other solutions suffer when new threat campaigns emerge and that eliminates the burdensome maintenance that they typically require.

By replacing Cylance with Deep Instinct, these offerings and benefits are precisely what you can expect.