MacOS Developer

Tel Aviv, TLV Office

About The Position

We are Deep Instinct, the first company to apply Deep Learning to cyber security. We are an innovative startup that has a unique and game-changing software solution to protect Fortune 500 End-Point users against Zero Day & APT cyber-attacks, and we are looking for you!

 We’re looking for another player in our Endpoint Team that would bring the world the cyber security solution it needs. In the past 5 years we’ve faced, and continue facing, the challenges of bringing Deep-Learning technologies and performance-driven software to a single solution.

 What kind of things we do?

  • Building, maintaining and innovating a product that runs on a large scale of MacOS-based endpoints.
  • Thriving to improve the performance of our MacOS solution to enable our users to seamlessly enjoy the entire protection suite we provide.
  • Brining new Deep-Learning based technologies to production.
  • Improving our security suite by researching and implementing new heuristics and protection mechanisms.
  • Working on all aspects of technology -If we need it, we’ll do it.

 Who will you get to work with?

  • Research – to improve our detection and create value based on our Deep-Learning capabilities.
  • Product – to better understand the customer and market needs.
  • QA – to make sure our releases are stable and worthy of being installed at our customers.
  • Sale/Professional Services/Customers – to answer question, problems and improve our product further.


 What are we looking for?

Someone who is a savvy developer, sharp professional with deep OSX knowledge and strong execution ability to develop complex features, all while having fun throughout the day. Someone who isn’t afraid to learn on their own while expending vast knowledge existing in the company, all in the pursue to help protect the world’s data.

So if you have:

  • At least 2 years’ experience in software development writing in C/C++ - A Must
  • Internals development expertise in operating systems (OSX)- A Must
  • Kernel level expertise in operating systems - An advantage
  • Experience in Python development – An advantage
  • Hands on experience in Linux API – An advantage
  • Proficiency in using Objective-C - An Advantage
  • B.Sc. in Computer Science (Or elite military technological units graduates)

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