Release Manager

Tel Aviv, TLV Office

About The Position

Deep Instinct is the first and only company to apply end-to-end deep learning to cybersecurity to prevent threats in zero time. Deep Instinct’s on-device, solution protects against zero-day, APT, ransomware attacks, and against both known and unknown malware with unmatched accuracy and speed. The comprehensive solution can be applied anywhere in the enterprise, across O.S and different environments.

This is a unique opportunity to join a cutting-edge, dynamic, and successful company. As a Release Manager, your Responsibility will be to help plan our releases, implement procedures to increase visibility of the development process, and report any issues to the VP R&D, related to the entire software release lifecycle. 

A quick glimpse of what you will get to do in the process: 

  • Ensure that every release is tracked in terms of content expectations from Product and Research, and that the content is “ready for development” – not missing anything that would be a roadblock for the task’s completion. 
  • Be a major part in planning the following versions by sitting with the relevant Group Leaders, Product Managers and VP R&D and understanding the needs and capacity. Help create a high-level estimation for the versions’ content, improve the process of breaking the content down to achieve a more accurate estimation and eventually ensure the version content vs. time makes sense.  
  • Implement risk management and project planning methodology. You are expected to accompany the department, and myself, during the development of the version to ensure we are hitting our targets. I want us to be aware of possible risks and dependencies and help facilitate communication between the different teams/departments when required. 
  • You will help ensure each release meets the quality standard we aim for by helping to triage the relevant issues found during the Validation phase of the version, we hit our SLAs on customer issues, and we have the correct documentation – all expected to be ready for the target release date. 


As a company that is moving to a SaaS product in the cloud and rapid releases of our Endpoint software, we need someone to help us run in a straight line towards our goals. Therefore, we are looking for an experienced Release Manager to help us achieve this. 


  • Great interpersonal skills – this job requires an intensive interface work and some of time when things are not going as planned. We need you to be a positive figure that will gain the engagement of your peers and help steer us towards a solution. 
  • 5 or more years of experience as a Release Manager (or equivalent to above details as Project Manager) of a company or leading a team of Release Management. 
  • Big advantage for being part of multiple stages of the release process in past roles (developer, researcher, product manager, QA automation, etc.) 
  • Previously worked in a startup environment.