Tanium + Deep Instinct Create a Force Multiplier for Improved Endpoint Security

November 9, 2021 | Jeff Giannetti

Business is booming for cybercriminals. Cyberattacks have increased by more than 800% around the globe, according to Deep Instinct’s Mid-Year Cyber Threat Landscape Report. The Ponemon Institute puts the average cost of a data breach at $4.24 million per incident in 2021, the highest in 17 years. While technology advances and security budgets inflate, it’s hard to look objectively at the state of global cybersecurity and believe that organizations are prevailing against bad actors.

So why are attacks breaching defenses at such an alarming rate? And what can organizations do to provide more robust protection against new and more complex threats – from unknown malware to zero-day exploits?

It’s a multifaceted problem, unfortunately. As IT environments grow increasingly complex, managing them has become more challenging. The sheer volume and variety of threats makes it difficult for security teams to keep up, and when organizations are compromised, the challenge becomes a race to detect and respond before they are breached. The endpoint remains the largest attack surface, yet only 1% of organizations have complete visibility into what is connecting to their network. Too many threats combined with an incomplete view into every endpoint has left a massive hole in many cyber defenses.

To improve investigation and response to the most sophisticated cyberattacks, organizations need to prevent more attacks from executing and gaining access to the network – and this requires full visibility across endpoints.

Tanium + Deep Instinct

The Tanium and Deep Instinct partnership provides organizations with an innovative malware and ransomware-prevention solution to vastly improve security postures through proactive end-to-end security.

Deep Instinct provides the world’s most advanced prevention of both known and unknown malware, ensuring threats are stopped before they can execute and infect the network. The Tanium platform brings intelligence to all endpoints wherever they exist, providing instant visibility, unparalleled context, and the ability to quickly take action to better manage and secure your environment. With this new, combined offering, Tanium customers be able to see, patch, and maintain pristine cyber hygiene for 100% of your endpoints, and will add an additional layer of protection for supported devices powered by Deep Instinct to prevent attacks before they impact the endpoint.

The new partnership will create unprecedented value. As Thai Lee, CEO of SHI International, explains:

“Tanium and Deep Instinct together have the power to change the way organizations protect themselves and their customers, to lower risk and build a zero-trust environment. This innovative combined solution promises to significantly expand the capacity of any SOC team to work smarter and more efficiently to prevent more attacks and gain the time back for intelligent threat hunting to stop the next big attack.”

The combination of Tanium and Deep Instinct delivers a transformational approach to endpoint security resulting in unmatched value to our joint customers. Real-time visibility and hygiene with pre-execution prevention decreases the load on the endpoint, improves SOC efficiency, lowers overall organizational risk, and reduces the overall attack surface. Deep Instinct and Tanium customers will enjoy the comfort of knowing that they have a much higher level of protection against the growing prevalence of unknown attacks.

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