Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique Deep learning Software – harnessing the power of deep learning architecture and yielding unprecedented prediction models, designed to face next generation cyber threats.

VDI Security

Deep Instinct’s endpoint protection for VDI provides a complete, lightweight and optimized solution for VDI environments.
This enables IT teams, to gain the benefits of VDI while not compromising the organization’s security level.

Virtual Desktop Solution HIghlights

Easy to deploy and maintain in VDI

No need for frequent updates and
patches. Not signature based. The deep
learning brain requires updates in low
frequency (only 1-2 times per year).

Easy maintenance

The virtual desktop solution requires no need for a constant full scan or signature updates download. Thus reducing the need to maintain a “global I/S cache”

Low footprint

A light-weight agent with no impact on device performance,
Lightweight agent (<150MB & 1%CPU).

Connection-less prevention

The endpoint protection for VDI provides full protection in offline or air gapped.

Virtual Desktop Security: Information Resources