Working at Deep Instinct offers the best of both worlds in cyber security and deep learning.
There is a strong sense of community within the company which is very inspirational.

Guillaume Sicard, PhD
Deep Learning Researcher, Israel

My part in influencing the final product is priceless. Together, as a team, we have the flexibility to select the tools, methods and technology to get us were we needed to go.

Ilya Alexandrov
Softawre Team Leader, Israel

Deep is an enjoyable working environment.
In my past 3 years here and the few positions I had, I’ve had the opportunity to work with interesting people from different backgrounds.
The technology is advanced and interesting.

Yonatan Gotlib
Director of Product Management, Israel


Albert Einstein, a disruptive pioneer in his field, said that “you can not solve problems with the same thinking you used when you created them”.
This is what we realized a few years ago, when we courageously decided to harness Deep Learning, a game changing AI technology, to solve the security problem.

We are a team of pioneers that get up each morning with a mission 
to solve hard challenges in an unorthodox way. This is our nature and our instinct. Do you have the passion to be one of us?