Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique Deep learning Software – harnessing the power of deep learning architecture and yielding unprecedented prediction models, designed to face next generation cyber threats.

Become a Deep Instinct Certified Engineer

At Deep Instinct your safety is our success. Therefore, Deep Instinct has designed and implemented the Deep Instinct Certified Engineer Program to ensure you can successfully use the Deep Instinct product and gain maximum value from all our multi-faceted features and functionalities.

Hands-On Exercises


Combination of Recorded and Live Webinar Instructor Sessions

Prior Required knowledge:
IT Administrator level

Language: English

100% Online

Receive a Digital Certificate Upon Completion

The Training Course Consists of 5 Modules:

Each of the sessions is delivered through a mix of live webinars, video lectures, quizzes, and final certification exams. Upon completing the course, participant will receive a diploma certificate as well as exclusive access to DICE forums and industry groups.


Introduction and Overview

(30 minutes)

What you will get out of this module

  • Introduction to the DICE program
  • Get familiar with the Deep Instinct solution and architecture



(2.5 hours)

What you will get out of this module

  • Configure Deep Instinct’s settings and notifications to best meet your needs
  • Create and manage custom Deep Instinct cyber-security policies
  • Deploy and manage D-Clients on your endpoints


Event Management

(1.5 hours)

What you will get out of this module

  • Identify and manage events across your organization



(1 hour)

What you will get out of this module

  • Easily audit compliance with your security policies


Effective Escalation

(1 hour)

What you will get out of this module

  • Manage troubleshooting and support activities

Take the course at your own pace;
complete all 5 modules in one day or over several sessions.

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