Preventing Zero-Day Attacks.

Deep Instinct predicts and prevents zero-day attacks in <20ms — before the attack detonates on your endpoint. Detection and response tools won’t act until a zero-day threat exhibits behavior to indicate an attack is in motion — too late to prevent the compromise. Deep Instinct harnesses the self-learning power of deep learning to stop unknown, zero-day attacks faster and with greater accuracy.

Stay Ahead of the Attackers.

Today’s cyber landscape is highly reactive. With Deep Instinct you become proactive and prevent zero-day threats before they infect your hybrid environment. It’s time to prevent zero-days.

Stop Multi-Stage Zero-Days.

Deep Learning Static Analysis.

Zero-day attacks do not always require user interaction, prior privileges, or previously acquired credentials. Attackers may stage multiple zero-day attacks to build upon each other to gain access. Deep Instinct’s multi-layered, deep learning-based prevention scans and protects you from potentially abused dual-use tools which can be exploited by attackers as they attempt to avoid detection.

Unpatched Vulnerabilities.

True Prevention from Attacks with Unknown Origins.

A true zero-day vulnerability is, by definition, a software flaw that was previously unknown or unpatched until it has been discovered, exposed, and exploited by a threat actor. Deep Instinct proactively prevents zero-day exploits before they write to disk without needing to understand their origins.

Expanding Attack Surface.

Multi-Layered Zero-Day Threat Prevention.

Cybercrime will cost organizations more than $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. With attack surfaces continuing to expand, Deep Instinct’s multi-layered prevention approach is a game-changer. Stop zero-day threats across your hybrid environment including your endpoints, applications, proxies, and private and public clouds.

Eliminate the Unknown.

80% of Breaches Derive from Zero-Day Attacks.

Deep Instinct is reversing the zero-day trend by preventing attacks prior to execution. The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform stops known, unknown, and zero-day threats with the highest accuracy and lowest false-positive rate in the industry to prevent attacks before they can detonate and wreak havoc.

Prevention Begins Today.

Ready to Start?

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