2022 Interim Cyber
Threat Report

Learn about the most significant cyber threats and trends from the past year: 

  • The most devastating malware and ransomware and how to stop them 
  • How malware including IcedID, Qakbot, Dridex and Trickbot target the financial sector 
  • How & why threats are evolving to target higher-profile organizations 
  • Why the large supply chain attacks of 2021 are only the beginning 
  • How deep learning delivers the highest level of prevention available 

What are Cyber Threat Reports?

Helping you understand the threats of today and plan for the threats of tomorrow.

Our Threat Research team maintains a vigilant watch for the world’s most sophisticated threats to better understand how attacks are evolving. Each year, we publish an annual and bi-annual threat report to shed light on these findings, helping our customers become better prepared for the threats they can see – and the ones they can’t.

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