Sharpen Your EDR.

Deep Learning improves the effectiveness of your Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools by significantly reducing the signal-to-noise ratio and allowing security teams to more quickly identify threats that need investigating and remediation before attackers breach the network.

Fewer False Positives.

Improved EDR Efficiency.

Security analysts struggle to keep up with the high daily volume of alerts - including many false positives – and to understand what is malicious versus benign. To solve these issues, the primary focus has been on EDR to detect and remediate threats after damage is done. Deep Instinct’s deep learning approach prevents more unknowns and drops your false positives to <0.1%, improving the effectiveness of your EDR.

Speed Investigation and Response.

Prevent Threats with Better Classification.

Deep Learning provides faster and more accurate classification of malware to prevent threats while augmenting your EDR with better data to investigate and quicken response. While most security solutions rely on threat intelligence feeds which delay decisions from minutes to days, Deep Instinct accurately and automatically stops malware in <20ms, ensuring threat prevention.

High Fidelity Alerts.

Reduce Load on your Endpoints.

When malicious events like ransomware and zero-day attacks are prevented prior to executing, you significantly scale back the load on your endpoints. Fewer and higher fidelity alerts mean your team can focus on what they need to investigate, understand the source, and determine if a policy needs to be updated or a system hardened.

Our Customers Have Spoken.

Why They Trust Us.


With the increase in remote work, we knew that our existing endpoint security would not be enough to deal with zero-day attacks and unknown malware threats. Based on our past experience, we believe that Deep Instinct is the most promising next-generation anti-virus solution.

Masakatsu Nemoto, General Manager, IT Planning Division, Seiko Holdings Group


We chose Deep Instinct for its new and innovative approach to cybersecurity using its deep learning technology. Deep Instinct’s features are better, and it is less time consuming. The story of what Deep Instinct does resonates with its products and the company delivered on what they said they would.

Phing Lee, Chief Technology Officer, Equity Trustees


We selected Deep Instinct for its unique pre-execution approach to quickly stop threats before they happen. It’s an effective solution in terms of prevention of zero-day attacks. Their low false positive rates. It’s easy to use and less time consuming for our IT organization, giving them time back to work on bigger projects.

Santhosh Samuel, PMP, Systems Architect, Information Systems Services at Palm Beach County

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