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Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware using the world’s first and only purpose-built, deep learning cybersecurity framework. Deep Instinct prevents unknown threats faster and with greater efficacy than any other security solution, ensuring malware never executes in your environment.

Deep Instinct Prevention Platform

Stop unknown threats before they can land in your environment with the highest accuracy and lowest false positive rate in the industry.

Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications

Prevent malicious files in-transit, uploaded from web applications, before they land on the endpoint, server, or enter storage.

Deep Instinct Prevention For Endpoints

Prevention of malicious files at the endpoint, scanned pre-execution in <20ms with >99% accuracy.

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Evolution of AI in Cybersecurity

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

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Why They Trust Us.

With the increase in remote work, we knew that our existing endpoint security would not be enough to deal with zero-day attacks and unknown malware threats. Based on our past experience, we believe that Deep Instinct is the most promising next-generation anti-virus solution.

Masakatsu Nemoto, General Manager, IT Planning Division, Seiko Holdings Group

Before Deep Instinct, over 40% of our SOC team’s resources were consumed by an overload of AV and false positive alerts. Pre-execution prevention has eliminated wasted efforts and drastically minimized our false positives by 95% related to end point protection alerts.

Akash Mittal, General Manager Technology & Security, Equity Trustees

We selected Deep Instinct for its unique pre-execution approach to quickly stop threats before they happen. It’s an effective solution in terms of prevention of zero-day attacks. Their low false positive rates are guaranteed. It’s easy to use and less time consuming for our IT organization, giving them time back to work on bigger projects.

Santhosh Samuel, PMP, Systems Architect, Information Systems Services at Palm Beach County

A Visionary Approach to Cybersecurity.

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