Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique Deep learning Software – harnessing the power of deep learning architecture and yielding unprecedented prediction models, designed to face next generation cyber threats.


Elevate Your Security PostureGuaranteed!

> 99% unknown threat accuracy
< 0.1% false positives
Every file, script, and macro checked pre-execution in <20 milliseconds.
Every tool you have — we make it better.
Every team member you have — we make them smarter.


Elevate Your Security PostureGuaranteed!

> 99% unknown threat accuracy
< 0.1% false positives
Every file, script, and macro checked pre-execution in <20 milliseconds.
Every tool you have — we make it better.
Every team member you have — we make them smarter.


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Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware using the
world’s first and only purpose-built, deep learning cybersecurity framework.

Deep learning is the most advanced form of AI-based threat protection available today—allowing
Deep Instinct to predict and prevent cyber-attacks before they happen and protecting well beyond
traditional AV or machine learning-based solutions.

Powered by a deep neural network brain that mimics the logic and learning of the human brain, the
Deep Instinct Prevention Platform anticipates and prevents attacks with unmatched speed and
accuracy. We stop malware before it executes, identifying malicious files in <20ms with 99% accuracy
to prevent attacks pre-execution.

To stay ahead of the latest threats and to prevent unknown threats, the predictive power of a deep
learning-based solution is a necessity.


Deep learning is inspired by the brain’s ability to learn. Once a brain learns to identify an object, its identification becomes second nature. Similarly, as Deep Instinct’s artificial neural network brain learns to detect any type of cyber threat, its prediction capabilities become instinctive. As a result, any kind of threat, known or unknown, is predicted and prevented before it can execute, effectively in zero-time.

Our benefits

The lightweight on-device, deep learning-based solution protects against zero-day threats, APTs, ransomware, and fileless attacks with unmatched speed and accuracy. Offering wide platform support, users obtain comprehensive coverage for more than 100 different file types across all their endpoints and the most widely used operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Deep Instinct extends and enhances your existing EPP/EDR/XDR solutions.

Prevent threats
in zero time

Prediction and prevent
new, unknown threats

Prevent APTs, zero-day
and AI-based attacks

Broad attack
surface protection

No operational

Dramatically reduce
false positives

What’s New at Deep Instinct

We believe every PC decision is a security decision and the addition of HP Sure Sense to our hardware-enforced security stack reinforces our commitment to providing customers with the most secure and manageable PCs… By teaming up with Deep Instinct on the development of HP Sure Sense, we are providing end-users with a powerful solution that confidently predicts and prevents security threats both today and in the future.

Andy Rhodes, Global Head Commercial Personal Systems, HP Inc

Artificial intelligence is now sweeping across industries, bringing benefits to a wide range of vertical markets. Deep Instinct’s unique approach in applying true deep learning to cybersecurity is yielding revolutionary breakthroughs that are being embraced by a growing market.

Jeff Herbst, Vice President of Business Development, NVIDIA

Instead of having features like rollback and after-event actionable stuff, the whole premise and the context of the solution is to actually prevent these malicious attacks from happening to begin with, using AI deep learning anti-virus software… The ability to prevent threats is the most appealing aspect. It absolutely, 100 percent helps with real-time cyber threat prevention of unknown malware. That’s the strength of the product.

Robert Boles, President BLOKWORX

“The security landscape needed to change, to somehow achieve greater innovation, speed and agility than the attack vectors. Deep machine learning cyber security is the shake-up the industry needed, and for us, our partners and customers it’s an exciting new development and not a moment too soon.”

Jonathan Blakey, Chief Information Officer, The 20

Deep Instinct checked all the right boxes and proved itself as the only technology capable of adapting to our unique environment, without disrupting our everyday business operations. The deep learning company has surpassed our expectations, ensuring our customers remain safe and helped mitigate risks for attacks we might not even be aware of. We would recommend every retailer work with a cybersecurity deep learning software if they want to protect their customers and safeguard their assets against attack.

Bruno Mariano, Director of Technical Support and Services, Kings Food Markets

What we can do for you

See why a computer software & hardware provider chose Deep Instinct to improve their threat prevention rate and achieve better operational efficacy.

Endpoints found infected within first week of deployment
Malicious campaigns detected within 3 months
Average detection & prevention rate in efficacy tests

Tier-1 technology software & hardware provider chose Deep Instinct’s Deep Learning cybersecurity solution for threat prevention, operational efficacy and connection-less security

An IT managed services provider (MSSP) chooses Deep Instinct for endpoint protection, for its high prevention capabilities and Multi Tenancy solution

Auto glass distributor chooses Deep Instinct for explicit ransomware prevention after their current endpoint solution fails to detect an attack