Deep Instinct’s Cookie Policy

Last updated: May 2023

  1. Introduction.

    Deep Instinct is committed to informing individuals (herein referred to as “Website Visitors”, “Visitors”, “You”, or “Your”), on how their information may be shared or tracked by their use of, or when visiting, (the “Website”). It is important to Deep Instinct Ltd. and any of our affiliated companies, including but not limited to, Deep Instinct (USA) Inc., Deep Instinct (UK) Limited, Deep Instinct K.K., and Deep Instinct (Germany) GmbH (“Company”, “We”, “Us”, “Our”) that You are informed when Your information may be tracked or shared while using Our Website (or use of “Tracking Technologies”), and this Cookie Policy (“Policy”) intends to inform: (a) what Tracking Technologies or “Cookies” are; (b) the categories of “Cookies” We use; and (c) how You can limit and control tracking technologies while utilizing Our Website.

  2. Cookies.

    What Tracking Technologies (collectively referred to as “Cookies”) are:

    1. Cookies: or small text files that include unique identifiers sent by web servers or the internet browser that You use to search websites (or “browser”) which may then gather information about how You interact with the Website and services.
    2. Local Storage Technologies: or Cookie-like, equivalent files that can be used to store a larger amount of data to connect to Your browser activity and specific applications on Your mobile device or computer (or “device”) (i.e., Your google browser connected to social media applications).
    3. Other similar tracking technologies: or web beacons, pixels, tags, and scripts. These tracking technologies can be used to demonstrate or assist a website in navigation, such as showing when You have viewed or clicked on a specific webpage.
  3. Categories of Cookies.

    The following categories of Cookies may be used when You access or use Our Website and/or services:

    1. Strictly Necessary or Essential Cookies. These cookies are essential to enable You to navigate Our Website and use its features. These necessary Cookies allow for the essential and technical operation of Our Website and without their use, You would not be able to receive certain requested services on Our website or communicate with Us. Please Note: Strictly Necessary or Essential Cookies cannot be switched “off” through Your privacy settings located on Your browser and a further explanation is provided in Section 4 of this Policy.
    2. Analytics, or Performance Cookies. These Cookies collect data on how You use Our Website, generally (i.e., how often You visit Our Website and how You use Our Website). We use these Cookies to enhance the performance of Our Website for Our Visitors to engage in a better experience when using Our Website in the future. Please note: The data stored by these Cookies enables our Website to recognize You browser but never shows Personal Information from which Your individual identity can be established; the Cookies collected cannot track Your browsing activity from other websites. We encourage You to visit and read Our Privacy Policy to continue learning about how we respect your privacy regarding Tracking Technologies.
    3. Analytics, or Functionality Cookies. These Cookies collect data about Your preferences and recognizes them, generally. Functionality Cookies are used to remember You for a more personalized experience on Our Website.
    4. Advertising Cookies. These Cookies collect data about Your browsing habits to make advertising more relevant to You and Your interests. They are also used to limit the number of times You see an advertisement as well as help measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. The Cookies remember the websites You visit, and that data is shared with other parties such as advertisers and/or publishers (or “Third Parties”).
  4. Your Control of Cookies and Browser Settings.

    Other than the Essential Cookies that are necessary to operate and use Our Website, We will assist You with Your right to control or limit Cookies when using Our Website by providing the following:

    1. Consent: we do not set Cookies (other than Essential Cookies) unless You provide Your consent when visiting the website for the first time (and periodically after that);
    2. Blocking Cookies in Your Browser: Most browsers may permit You to limit, remove, reject, block, or disable Cookies. You may do this by following Your specific browser’s instructions. Most browsers may also accept Cookies by default, and You may be permitted to change this in Your settings by also following the instructions on Your specific browser’s settings;
    3. Blocking Cookies based on Device: Your device may also contain settings for how to limit, remove, reject, block, or disable Cookies and You may follow the instructions listed on Your unique device for further instruction;
    4. Consent Management and Opt-out Options: Certain browsers that You use to access or use a website may allow for a consent management or “opt-out” option, allowing You to remove any data that may be used for Cookies. Please note: these mechanisms are specific to the device or browser that You use and depend on the browser’s settings. You must repeat the process on every browser or device that You use and for which You want to manage cookie preferences; and/or
    5. Do Not Track: You may be able to configure some browsers to send, “Do Not Track” signals to the online service or website that You visit. You may be able to send this request to Our Website to notify Us not to use Cookies or Tracking Technologies. You may also install a browser extension (i.e., “Disconnect”) to block Third Party tracking Cookies on Our Website.
    6. Please note: certain features of the Website may not work if You limit, remove, reject, block, or disable Cookies.
  5. Contact and Further Information.

    We encourage you to visit Our Privacy Policy to learn how Your Information may be shared with Our trusted Affiliates and to learn more about Your Privacy rights. Additionally, If You have any further questions regarding this Cookie Policy, please contact Us at:

    Deep Instinct, Inc.
    888 Seventh Avenue, 5th floor.
    New York, NY, 10106, USA

    Deep Instinct, Ltd.
    4 Yitzhak Sadeh St. Israel

    In addition, the Company has a “Data Protection Officer” who is responsible for matters relating to privacy and data protection. This Data Protection Officer can be reached at the following address: