Generative AI and Cybersecurity:

Bright Future or Business Battleground?

Generative AI is a hot topic. Cybersecurity leaders want to know how it works, where it can add value, as well as the risks of adopting the emerging technology. Read the latest report to learn about the following:

  • Generative AI: Business Friend or Foe?
  • Ransomware: As New Vulnerabilities Emerge, An Old Threat Remains a Challenge
  • Mounting Security Team Stress: A Call to Change the Status Quo
  • Using AI to fight AI: How a Deep Learning Platform Can Prevent Breaches

What are SecOps Reports?

The ever-evolving threat landscape is impacting SecOps professionals.

SecOps teams are scrambling every day to keep their organizations safe. Read our Voice of SecOps Reports to learn what 650+ global senior cybersecurity professionals from 1000+ employee companies across seven core verticals think about current and emerging risks to their teams.

2022 Past Report

Voice of SecOps, 3nd Edition

This report explores the key stressors in the SecOps community, including the potential for an industry “Great Resignation.” Learn about pressures faced by today’s SecOps teams and CISOs, including securing a remote workforce, ongoing ransomware issues post-payment, dealing with alert fatigue, and the myth and folly of believing that existing tools can stop today’s increasingly advanced threats.

2021 Past Report

Voice of SecOps, 2nd Edition

This report explores perceptions on the ability to prevent malware from infiltrating an organization’s network—both currently, as well as in a few years’ time. Many of the responses are reflective of a general state of pessimism around the capabilities of established technologies to cope with new threats.

View the 2nd edition infographic

2021 Past Report

Voice of SecOps, 1st Edition

This report explores strategic threats, overarching priorities and day-to-day challenges that often go unheard. To that end, other key findings from US respondents look at the rise in ransomware attacks, as well as other prevalent threats and factors impacting SecOps teams’ ability to prevent attacks.

View the 1st edition infographics (US, UK, France, Germany)

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