Deep Instinct + Tanium

Deep Instinct and Tanium provide real-time visibility and deep learning-based prevention. By combining Tanium Threat Response with Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform, organizations reduce risk, consolidate costly point solutions, and optimize security resources.


Reduce organizational exposure

Deep Instinct and Tanium integrate seamlessly to deliver robust endpoint security. Tanium provides complete, real-time endpoint visibility and control alongside Deep Instinct’s deep learning-based threat prevention platform to protect all endpoints, dramatically reducing your risk footprint.


Layered protection to prevent and respond to any threat

Deep Instinct integrates directly with Tanium Threat Response to provide a unified view of all endpoints from a single console, surfacing prevented threat alerts and enabling collaborative investigation between security and IT operations teams using Tanium’s natural language search and data visualization capabilities.


Fewer false alarms, faster threat response

Deep Instinct’s deep learning models have an industry-leading false positive rate of <0.1%, reducing actionable alerts by 20-50%, and easing the burden on overworked SecOps teams. Unlike traditional machine learning solutions that require constant tuning and human updates, Deep Instinct’s neural networks function autonomously, requiring only 1-2 model updates annually.


Less complexity, better ROI

The Deep Instinct and Tanium platform integration reduces reliance on numerous disconnected point solutions, lowering costs and complexity and improving endpoint security efficiency. The power of deep learning prevention combined with real-time visibility produces a high-efficacy endpoint security solution at a lower cost than traditional multi-vendor cybersecurity stacks.

Endpoint Security Lifecycle



Security starts with visibility to 100% of endpoints and cyber hygiene best practices.



Close hygiene gaps with Tanium security and threat-hunting solutions.

Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct’s lightweight agent continuously scans endpoint activity for threats.



Confirm 100% patching of endpoints, whether on-premises or cloud.

Deep Instinct

Deep Learning efficiently prevents >99% of all threat types in <20 ms, pre-execution.


How it works: Deep Instinct + Tanium

Deep Instinct integrates with Tanium on-premises or via SaaS. By configuring each agent to securely communicate on endpoints, Deep Instinct passes prevented threat events and telemetry to the Tanium client. Threat Response then surfaces this information in its alerts section for triage and investigation. Alerts can also be forwarded from Tanium to a SIEM, Syslog, or another aggregation service.


With Deep Instinct + Tanium, prevent and respond to zero day and ransomware threats with greater speed and efficiency.

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