The Promise of Prevention Has Arrived.

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform stops never before seen, unknown threats with the highest accuracy and lowest false positive rate to stop attacks before they can detonate and wreak havoc.

Meet the Attacker Earlier.

We Stop Unknown Threats.

For your organization, this means reduced risk, greater SOC efficiency, increased protection, and the knowledge that the attackers have lost their advantage.

Deep Instinct both prevents threats at the endpoint and extends prevention without requiring an agent to ensure file integrity of your cloud storage and custom applications, while protecting your network by eliminating threats at your web gateway.

Deep Instinct fulfills the promise of prevention – long promised but until now under-delivered.

Why 20ms Matters.

In <20ms, Deep Instinct prevents known, unknown, and zero-day malware prior to execution, unlike detection and response solutions that look for behaviors after the attacker is already installing droppers and artifacts and beginning to exfiltrate data.

Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform reduces the risk of a breach by meeting your attackers earlier and stopping them 750x faster than the fastest known ransomware can begin to encrypt.

> 99%

Unknown Threat Accuracy

< 0.1%

False Positives


Ransomware Warranty


claim "EDR is Not Enough"

Deep Instinct Prevention Platform

Deep Instinct Static Analysis
Deep Instinct User's Lower Risk

Lower Risk

With a deep learning framework purpose-built for cybersecurity.

Deep Instinct's Unmatched Speed and Scale

Unmatched Speed and Scale

Stop threats in <20ms and prevent threats across millions of files/day.

More Proactive and Lower False Positives

Improve EDR Efficiency and Lower False Positives

To help SOC teams be more proactive.

Who Trusts Us.

Seiko Trusts Deep Instinct
Taylor Morrison Trusts Deep Instinct
T Systems Trusts Deep Instinct
Honeywell Trusts Deep Instinct
Yamada Trusts Deep Instinct
Seneca Trusts Deep Instinct
Equity Trustees Trusts Deep Instinct
Tanium Trusts Deep Instinct
TKUC Trusts Deep Instinct
MOTEX Trusts Deep Instinct
Dickey's Trusts Deep Instinct
OneBlood Trusts Deep Instinct
PAGO Trusts Deep Instinct

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