Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications.

​Unknown malware and zero-day attacks are successfully infiltrating everywhere in your environment, not only on the endpoint. Organizations must look for new ways to stop the attack as far away from your sensitive applications and infrastructure as possible.​

No Agent Required.

Scan for Malicious Files​.

​Deep Instinct meets the attacker earlier to prevent threats hidden in your files – known, unknown ransomware, or zero day – before they land on the endpoint, server, or enter storage.

Stop Unknown Malware.

Prevent Malicious Files In-transit.

File uploads through your web applications, user downloads from the internet, and third-party suppliers transferring files into your environment leave your organization blind to malicious content traversing your network.

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Tailor to Your Workflows

Agentless solution aligns existing workflows with a flexible and programmable API that is operating system and device agnostic.

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Scale to Petabytes

Scan in-transit files at enterprise speed and protect any web application or cloud storage from malicious content without impacting on user experience.

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Maintain Full Data Privacy

Files never leave your environment. Only the hash is ever sent to the management console or SIEM for further analysis.​

Protect Mission-Critical Business Applications at Scale.

Adopt a prevention-first mindset no matter where the threat originates with lightning fast file scans, near zero latency, and a malicious vs benign verdict in <20ms*. Deployment flexibility, via API or ICAP, allows for simple integration with existing workflows and processes, and customized responses.

Our Customers Have Spoken.

Why They Trust Us.

With the increase in remote work, we knew that our existing endpoint security would not be enough to deal with zero-day attacks and unknown malware threats. Based on our past experience, we believe that Deep Instinct is the most promising next-generation anti-virus solution.

Masakatsu Nemoto, General Manager, IT Planning Division, Seiko Holdings Group

We chose Deep Instinct for its new and innovative approach to cybersecurity using its deep learning technology. Deep Instinct’s features are better, and it is less time consuming. The story of what Deep Instinct does resonates with its products and the company delivered on what they said they would.

Phing Lee, Chief Technology Officer, Equity Trustees

We selected Deep Instinct for its unique pre-execution approach to quickly stop threats before they happen. It’s an effective solution in terms of prevention of zero-day attacks. Their low false positive rates. It’s easy to use and less time consuming for our IT organization, giving them time back to work on bigger projects.

Santhosh Samuel, PMP, Systems Architect, Information Systems Services at Palm Beach County

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