Prevent Any Threat on Any Custom Application with Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications (DPA) is a centralized solution for custom applications that provides real-time content scanning of files. Explore the following reference architecture guide to learn how integration works and how our prevention-first, deep-learning solution can be implemented using Deep Instinct’s scalable, lightweight framework.


Secure your application ecosystem

Unseen vulnerabilities in custom applications expose companies to risks like ransomware and unknown threats, infiltrating your environment through various channels like uploads, user downloads, and third-party data. It’s crucial to validate file integrity before they reach storage or spread across your environment, ensuring robust protection against these hidden threats.


Prevention-first security for custom applications

Custom applications require customized security – without the headache of over-complicated engineering and design. No matter how your application is configuration, Deep Instinct can integrate our deep learning-based agent to seamlessly deliver real-time, prevention-first security to protect it against malicious files.


Custom apps and Deep Instinct integration

The potential uses for DPA for custom applications are limitless. It runs as a containerized application in your on-premises and/or cloud environment using scanners, which serve as verdict machines in your applications. We’ll work with you to design a straightforward, lightweight implementation that prevents malware and prevents breaches at scale.


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