Cybersecurity Company Deep Instinct Establishes Japanese Subsidiary to Serve Asia-Pacific Region

October 26, 2020

NEW YORK, October 28, 2020 - Deep Instinct, the first and only cybersecurity company to apply end-to-end deep learning to predict, identify, and prevent cyber attacks, announces the establishment of a Japanese subsidiary to fully enter the domestic security market. Toshihiro Namiki has been appointed as Country Manager for Japan and will begin domestic sales activities, as well as expanding the company's product sales channels and OEM partners.

“Traditional cybersecurity is broken in today’s highly sophisticated attack landscape and requires enterprises must focus on prevention rather than detection and response because that is too late,” said Guy Caspi, CEO and co-founder of Deep Instinct. “We are expanding all over the world, bringing Deep Instinct’s patented deep learning platform to identify and prevent first-seen threats in zero-time with unmatched accuracy.”

Deep Instinct has grown rapidly due to the high demand for its groundbreaking technology as it saw over 400% increase in annual recurring revenue and increased its customer base by 300% in 2019.

"We see Japan as a core business market for Deep Instinct in Asia, and this is reflected in my responsibility over business development in the Asia Pacific region as a Japanese national,” says Koichiro Otobe, Vice President of Business Development for Asia Pacific. "We believe that simple, preventive security solutions will greatly benefit enterprises and revolutionize the existing anti-virus and endpoint detection and response (EDR)-focused reactive endpoint security and cybersecurity market."

“The Japanese cyber security market is undergoing a transformation as it adapts to new technologies," says Namiki. “As device use increases and attack methods diversify, even companies with a variety of security measures in place are running an increasing risk of damage to their businesses. There is greater need for proactive measures with higher detection capabilities and the suppression of false positives to reduce the burden on security operations, now more than ever. We are confident that our approach using the latest AI technology, Deep Learning, is the most effective solution to these issues. With the establishment of our Japanese subsidiary, we will be able to expand our sales channels and establish more proactive sales and support structures in Japan”.

HP a technology partner of Deep Instinct shared their enthusiasm for this development in the Asia Pacific region. Senior Managing Executive Officer, Head of Personal Systems Business, Japan HP Corporation, Shunichi Kushima says “HP is collaborating with Deep Instinct as a technology partner. We welcome the establishment of Deep Instinct Japan.”

Senior Managing Executive Officer, Head of Personal Systems Business, Japan HP Corporation Shunichi Kushima says “HP Japan welcomes the establishment of Deep Instinct Japan. The choice of PC is directly linked to the security measures of an enterprise, and HP's global partnership with Deep Instinct on the hardware-running security stack reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with the most secure and easy-to-manage PCs available. By working with Deep Instinct Japan, we will provide our customers with a powerful solution to anticipate and prevent current and future security threats.”


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Deep Instinct is the first and only company applying end-to-end deep learning to cybersecurity. Deep learning is inspired by the brain’s ability to learn. Once a brain learns to identify an object, its identification becomes second nature. Similarly, as Deep Instinct’s artificial deep neural network brain learns to prevent any type of cyber threat, its prediction capabilities become instinctive. As a result, any kind of malware, known and new, first-seen malware, zero-days, ransomware and APT attacks from any kind are predicted and prevented in zero-time with unmatched accuracy and speed anywhere in the enterprise – network, endpoint, mobile – enabling multi-layered protection. To learn more, visit

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