Deep Instinct for endpoint

Deep Instinct’s endpoint protection (EPP) solution provides full protection based on multiple layers, including a prediction & prevention first approach, followed by detection & response, against known and unknown cyber threats with or without any connection to the network or internet.


Real time pre-execution protection

Detects any file before it is accessed or executed on the endpoint. According to the security policy, the D-Client decides to prevent and quarantine the file, or to allow the file.

lightweight agent

Simple, fast, and seamless. Light agent with zero impact on the user experience.
Low memory footprint (<100MB), requires less than 1% CPU usage.

Any file type/File less

Zero-days, APTs, File based: any file type
Fileless types: macros (PowerShell, Java etc.), Scripts (dropper, VBscripts etc.), code injections, Dual use, etc.

Non- intrusive technology

Simple customer insertion and deployment.

On-device protection- Online/Offline

evaluating threats in real-time without requiring any supplemental analysis nor connectivity to the organization’s network or even to the Internet.

D-Cloud services

A cloud-based infrastructure for adding reputation based classification of threats and benign files.

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