Deep Instinct Prevention Platform.

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform is changing the way organizations approach cybersecurity by stopping unknown threats before they can land in your environment with the highest accuracy and lowest false positive rate in the industry. For your organization this means fewer alerts to chase, true prevention of ransomware and zero-day threats, and greater assurance that the attackers will not succeed.

The Promise of Prevention. Delivered.

Threat prevention use cases, described by Deep Instinct CIO, Carl Froggett, formerly CISO, Global Engineering at Citi

Meet the Attacker Earlier.

We Stop Unknown Threats.

In <20ms, Deep Instinct prevents known, unknown, and zero-day threats prior to execution, unlike detection and response solutions that can take minutes, hours, or even weeks to catch anomalous behaviors. In only a few minutes an attacker is already installing droppers and artifacts and beginning to exfiltrate data.

Deep Instinct’s Prevention Platform reduces the risk of a breach by meeting your attackers earlier and stopping them 750x faster than the fastest known ransomware can begin to encrypt.

> 99%

Unknown Threat Accuracy

< 0.1%

False Positives


Malware Prevention


Top Global Brands Trust Deep Instinct

Our customers understand the power of a predictive prevention approach to data security. Gone are the days of assuming breach and inadequately reacting to cyber threats. Hundreds of brands rely on Deep Instinct to stay ahead of vulnerabilities, limit false positives, alleviate security team stress, and fuel innovation.

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