Pioneering Prevention.

Preventing Zero-Day Attacks.

Deep Instinct predicts and prevents zero-day attacks in <20ms — before the attack detonates on your endpoint. Detection and response tools won’t act until a zero-day exhibits behavior to indicate an attack is in motion — too late to prevent the compromise. Deep Instinct harnesses the self-learning power of deep learning to stop unknown attacks faster and with greater accuracy.

Stay Ahead of the Attackers.

Today’s cyber landscape is highly reactive. With Deep Instinct you become proactive and prevent threats before they infect your hybrid environment. It’s time to prevent zero-days.

Eliminate the Unknown.

80% of Breaches Derive from Zero-Day Attacks.

Deep Instinct is reversing the zero-day trend by preventing attacks prior to execution. The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform stops known, unknown, and zero-day threats with the highest accuracy and lowest false-positive rate in the industry to prevent attacks before they can detonate and wreak havoc.

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Unpatched Vulnerabilities.

True Prevention from Attacks with Unknown Origins.

A true zero-day vulnerability is, by definition, a software flaw that was previously unknown or unpatched until it has been discovered, exposed, and exploited by a threat actor. Deep Instinct proactively prevents zero-day exploits before they write to disk without needing to understand their origins.

Stop Multi-Stage Zero-Days.

Deep Learning Static Analysis.

Zero-day attacks do not always require user interaction, prior privileges, or previously acquired credentials. Attackers may stage multiple zero-day attacks to build upon each other to gain access. Deep Instinct’s multi-layered, deep learning-based prevention scans and protects you from potentially abused dual-use tools which can be exploited by attackers as they attempt to avoid detection.

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Expanding Attack Surface.

Multi-Layered Prevention.

Cybercrime will cost organizations more than $10.5 trillion annually by 2025. As tech innovation propels the world forward our attack surfaces continue to expand exponentially, making it more difficult to detect and prevent threats. Deep Instinct’s multi-layered prevention approach is a game-changer for cybersecurity by stopping zero-day threats across your hybrid environment including your endpoints, applications, proxies, and private and public clouds.

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Prevention Begins Today.

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