Prevention is Possible.

We Prevent >99% of Unknown Attacks.

Traditional endpoint protection platforms (EPP) tools that rely on rules and signatures are not enough to prevent unknown, zero-day, and new malware variants. Our prevention-first approach to unknown threats is built on a one-of-a-kind deep learning foundation.

Avoid the Impact of a Breach.

Data Breaches Averaged $3.86M in 2020*

Security breaches are becoming more frequent – and more costly. Embrace a future driven by a prevention-first approach where known and unknown threats are stopped before your environment has been compromised.

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Stop Unknown Threats, Faster.

Reduce Risk with Deep Learning.

Our multi-layered approach to prevention expands what is possible in cybersecurity. Basic ML is prone to risk as a result of human-led engineering on a subset of data. Deep Instinct’s automated static analysis is based on raw data, allowing for broad protection on the widest variety of threats and file types without human intervention.

Deep Instinct Wins SE Labs Award

Reduce False Positives.

Boost Security Team Efficiency.

Cybersecurity teams spend an average of 9 hours, 40 minutes each week dealing with alerts caused by false positives. Excessive alerts flagged by traditional EPP tools leaves many security teams investigating the wrong events while losing time and focus. Deep Instinct’s fast classification and accurate decision-making reduces false positives to <0.1%, allowing teams to devote more time to critical projects that will improve and harden their security posture.

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Not Cloud Dependent.

Prevent More Threats with Fewer Updates.

While you are waiting for your cloud intelligence to catch up with your threat feeds, your organization is vulnerable to attack. Our self-learning neural network brain does not require frequent cloud checks and updates, increasing threat prevention, eliminating security gaps, and drastically reducing latency compared to less advanced ML solutions.

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Our Customers Have Spoken.

Why They Trust Us.

With the increase in remote work, we knew that our existing endpoint security would not be enough to deal with zero-day attacks and unknown malware threats. Based on our past experience, we believe that Deep Instinct is the most promising next-generation anti-virus solution.

- Masakatsu Nemoto, General Manager, IT Planning Division, Seiko Holdings Group

We chose Deep Instinct for its new and innovative approach to cybersecurity using its deep learning technology. Deep Instinct’s features are better, and it is less time consuming. The story of what Deep Instinct does resonates with its products and the company delivered on what they said they would.

- Phing Lee, Chief Technology Officer, Equity Trustees

Prevention Begins Today.

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