Complete Prevention Starts with Deep Learning.

Deep Instinct takes a prevention-first approach to stopping ransomware and other malware using the world’s first and only purpose-built, deep learning cybersecurity framework.

Why Deep Learning?

Different by Design.

Deep Learning is the most advanced form of artificial intelligence. Basic machine learning (ML)-based tools either protect too much—slowing down the business and flooding your team with false positives—or lack the precision, speed, and scalability to predict and prevent unknown malware and zero-day threats before they have infiltrated your network. 

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    Prevent known, unknown, and zero-day malware before it enters your environment.

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    Security that learns and improves over time, increasing prevention efficacy.

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    One of only six major deep learning frameworks in the world—and the only one purpose-built for cybersecurity.

    Deep Instinct is Self Learning, Autonomous Security

    How Deep Learning Works.

    Bigger Brain. Better Cybersecurity.

    What makes deep learning so extraordinary is its ability to self-learn as it ingests data and works autonomously to predict, detect, and prevent threats:


    Our neural network continuously gets smarter as the training data set grows.


    Deep Instinct’s speed and accuracy is the result of our brain being trained on hundreds of millions of training samples.


    Even a Deep Instinct brain that is six months old – or older – will stop known, unknown, and zero-day threats with better accuracy and speed than other established cybersecurity products.


    Deep learning is not dependent on manual engineering, nor does it require frequent updating to maintain prevention efficacy.

    Deep Instinct is More Accurate Than Simple Machine Learning

    More Accurate

    Most machine learning-based tools protect too much—flooding your team with false positives—or lack the power and precision to prevent unknown, zero-day threats.

    Deep Instinct is Immune to Adversarial AI

    Immune to Adversarial AI

    Machine learning-based cybersecurity approaches are becoming vulnerable as they’re targeted by threat actors.

    Deep Instinct Prevents Threats Autonomously

    More Autonomous

    Our brain has been trained on hundreds of millions of files and learned to prevent threats autonomously, making your team smarter, faster, and more agile.

    Save Time. Work Smarter.

    Supercharge your SOC.

    Our deep classification, extremely low false positives, and ransomware prevention means that SOC teams are given back time to focus on actionable alerts, and pinpoint threats faster and with greater efficiency.

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    Less False Positives <0.1%.

    Chase fewer alerts with the industry’s lowest false positive rate.

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    Focus on Real Threats.

    Improve operational efficiencies by spending time on real threats, not perceived ones.

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    Smarter SOC.

    Optimize threat posture, engage in more proactive threat hunting, and invest in risk mitigation and reduction.

    Prevention Begins Today

    Still Not Convinced?

    Interested in learning more about our prevention-first approach to cybersecurity? Contact a sales representative in your region today.