Deep Instinct’s Artificial Neural Network Assistant (DIANNA) is the only prevention-first generative AI cyber companion for malware analysis. It provides actionable, intuitive insights and explainability into unknown and never-before-seen threats.

DIANNA is Different

Most cybersecurity solutions use AI to summarize what you already know. DIANNA analyzes and explains what you don’t. It equips your SOC teams with unprecedented visibility and context into the ever-shifting threat landscape, leveraging expert-level AI to provide actionable analysis of unknown threats, including intricate binaries. With its intuitive reporting, DIANNA empowers you to simplify investigations, enhance visibility, and adopt a prevention-first strategy.

Fight AI with AI

A New Threat Landscape

AI is fundamentally reshaping cybersecurity. Armed with generative AI, bad actors are unleashing more devastating and hard-to-detect attacks. While many legacy cybersecurity solutions use AI-powered tools to “explain” threats, most simply summarize information from logs and reputation engines – and may even miss the threat in the first place. Preventing this new breed of malicious AI requires more. By combining generative AI with prevention-first technology, DIANNA offers unparalleled cybersecurity protection.

Why Deep Instinct

Designed to Analyze & Explain the Unknown

DIANNA goes beyond explanation to deliver in-depth, precision-driven malware analysis of all threats across your entire network. This empowers your SOC team to significantly reduce investigation time and workload.


Leverage AI for Expert-Grade Malware Analysis

Deep Instinct for Endpoint Offers Dynamic and Behavioral Analysis

Expert-grade AI-based malware analysis that provides actionable static analysis of all file formats (binaries, scripts, documents, shortcut files, and other threat delivery file types) – both known and unknown.

Key Benefits

The DIANNA Advantage

  • Gain Unparalleled Expertise for Unknown Threats: DIANNA’s static analysis goes beyond traditional methods, offering an unprecedented level of insight into unknown scripts, documents, and raw binaries, providing valuable insights for organizations facing zero-day attacks.
  • Translate Code Intent and Activity Into Natural Language: DIANNA translates binary code and scripts from various languages to a natural language report. DIANNA doesn't just analyze the code; it understands the intent and the potential actions and explains what the code is designed to do, how it is malicious, and how it might impact systems.
  • Expert-Level Analysis of Threat Delivery File Types: DIANNA analyzes various file formats, including binaries, scripts, documents, shortcut files, and other threat delivery file types.
  • Streamlined Workflows: DIANNA automates some of the most tedious tasks of SOC analysis, freeing up security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Enhanced Visibility: DIANNA offers insights into the decision-making process of Deep Instinct’s prevention models, allowing organizations to fine-tune their security posture for maximum effectiveness.
  • Privacy By Design: DIANNA is built on a solid data privacy foundation – we never use files to train models.

Prevention Begins Today

Ready to Meet DIANNA?

Join us for an upcoming webinar on May 30th, at 11 AM ET / 8 AM PT to discover how Deep Instinct is leveraging generative AI to revolutionize malware analysis.