APRIL 7, 2022

Inside the Tanium and Deep Instinct Integration

When Tanium and Deep Instinct joined forces in a new strategic alliance this past November a unique product offering was born. Customers will now get extremely fast and accurate threat prevention capabilities from Deep Instinct combined with full endpoint visibility and control from Tanium. 

As Tanium co-founder and CEO Orion Hindawi said of the partnership, “We enable organizations to manage every endpoint within an IT environment in seconds – no matter where it sits. We partnered with Deep Instinct to provide organizations with a true end-to-end security solution that addresses the needs of enterprises across the entire endpoint security lifecycle.” 

What does this new threat prevention from Deep Instinct look like? 

  • Predicts and prevents threats before they enter your environment – blocking known and unknown malware in <20ms
  • Prevents >99% of unknown threats – more than any EDR or EPP in the world
  • High accuracy threat detection means <0.1% false positives are filtered to the SOC

To help underscore the incredible new cybersecurity efficacy of this partnership, Tanium sat down with Scott Chennells, Distinguished Engineer at Deep Instinct, and Derek Carver, Director of Technical Account Management at Tanium, to discuss the genesis of the relationship and what it means for Tanium customers.  

Benefits of Tanium-Deep Instinct Partnership 

Listen to this on-demand Webinar to learn the following: 

  • How the Tanium-Deep Instinct partnership allows customers to prevent more threats at the endpoint than any other cybersecurity offering
  • How Deep Instinct achieves extremely high malware prevention efficacy with a minimal update schedule and exceedingly low false positives
  • How deep learning is able to detect and prevent unknown threats with unmatched speed and accuracy

The Tech Talk also includes a terrific demo of the offering, so it’s not to be missed!