Earn A Deep Instinct Sales Certification

You already know that Deep Instinct prevents known, unknown, and zero-day threats faster, with greater efficacy, and the lowest false-positive rates of any cybersecurity solution in the world. You also know that Deep Instinct is an ideal solution for your customers’ SecOps teams and can help grow your business. The Deep Instinct Sales Certification (DISC) program will help you better understand the Deep Instinct Prevention platform so that you can better position yourself and Deep Instinct in front of your customers.

The DISC program is here to give you the content, the tools, and the skills you need to succeed.​


Training is free


60-minute online course


On-demand learning

Earn 1,000 loyalty points

Why participate in the DISC program?

After completing these courses, learners will be able to:

  • Discuss Deep Instinct’s Prevention-First approach​
  • Differentiate between Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications and Deep Instinct Prevention for Endpoints​
  • List Deep Instinct’s primary differentiators​
  • Identify and converse with a variety of Deep Instinct potential customers
  • Respond to customer objections ​
  • Navigate the Deep Instinct Partner Portal​

The courses are supported by instructor demos, knowledge checks, and supporting reference materials. Upon completing the course, each participant will receive a digital certificate and DISC logo.​

Languages offered: English

DISC for Partners​

Introduction and Overview​

  • Outline the course Rules of the Road
  • Discuss what and who Deep Instinct is
  • Determine available Stratosphere Program points by deal origin

A Prevention-First Approach​

  • Identify cybersecurity gaps that Deep Instinct fills
  • Specify Deep Instinct’s three biggest differentiators
  • Present the value of a Prevention-First approach
  • Discuss the benefits of the Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications (DPA) solution
  • Describe the technology that powers both Deep Instinct for Endpoints and Deep Instinct for Applications​

Identifying and Qualifying Prospects

  • Identify when an opportunity is BANT qualified
  • Describe the attributes of different Deep Instinct buyer personas
  • Determine which buyer persona you are pitching to
  • Ask qualifying questions of each type of buyer persona

DISC for MSPs and MSSPs

Introduction and Overview

  • Describe what Deep Instinct is
  • Identify the current Deep Instinct products
  • Explain what problems Deep Instinct can solve for you and your customers
  • Outline the cost savings Deep Instinct can provide for your and your customers
  • List Deep Instinct’s 6 differentiators 

What is Deep Learning?

  • Compare and contrast deep learning and machine learning
  • Provide examples of deep learning being used in everyday life
  • Speak to prospects about the importance of deep learning

Deep Instinct Product Demonstration

  • Outline Deep Instinct’s first 5 key differentiators to prospects 
  • Speak to prospects about the 6th differentiator: Deep Instinct’s unique technology that makes the other differentiators possible

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