Earn A Deep Instinct Sales Certification

With the ability to prevent more attacks from entering an enterprise and dramatically reduce IT security workloads, Deep Instinct may be the ideal solution your customers’ SecOps. For that reason, we have developed the Deep Instinct Sales Certification (DISC) program to help you articulate the value of the technology and its capabilities in a way that best addresses your customers’ needs.


60 Minute Course


On-Demand Resources

Why Participate In The Disc Program?

Position the Deep Instinct solution with confidence

Find the right prospects so you can generate new deals and opportunities

Grow your revenue and get the most out of your partnership with Deep Instinct


Introduction and Overview

What you will get out of this module

    • Introduction to the DISC program
    • Familiarity with the Deep Instinct solution and architecture

Take The Course At Your Own Pace

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