Earn a Deep Instinct Sales Engineer Certification for Partners 

As a partner of Deep Instinct, you have a prospect who is interested in a demo of Deep Instinct’s prevention-first capabilities and is open to a more thorough evaluation. The Deep Instinct Sales Engineer Certification (DISEC) program enables partners to pursue these new business opportunities and support the Demo and Proof of Value (POV) phases of the sales process.

All DISEC participants will learn how to deliver a full demo and use the POV sessions to convey the value of the Deep Instinct Prevention Platform for Endpoint.

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Why Participate in The DISEC Program?

After completing these courses, learners will be able to:

  • Understand and identify prospect types and the overall sales process
  • Setup and configure your own Deep Instinct Demo Environment
  • Perform a Deep Instinct product demo
  • Acquire the skills to design a POV, configure the environments, educate the prospect, and deploy
  • Conduct security and performance testing during POV sessions
  • Successfully close out a POV

The courses are supported by instructor demos, knowledge checks, summary quizzes, hands-on assignments, and supporting reference materials. Upon completing the course, each participant will receive a digital certificate and DISEC logo.

Prior Required Knowledge: DICE certification

Languages Offered: English

DISEC Lessons

Sales Process

  • Classify different types of prospects
  • Describe the sales process
  • Review the sales process stages
  • List the differences between Deep Instinct’s demo and Proof of value sessions

Setting Up the Windows VM

  • Configure a baseline Windows 10 VM
  • Configure the VM for use in a Deep Instinct Demo

Installing Deep Instinct on Your VM

  • Navigate to your console
  • Download and install the DI agent on your VM
  • Gather Demo and POV Data

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