Deep Instinct Stratosphere MSSP Program

Deep Instinct provides the most advanced ransomware and other malware prevention solution with multi-tenant management specifically built for MSSPs—allowing you to extend your offering with minimal overhead to your team.

Stop zero day and unknown attacks/malware

Greater than 99% efficacy in preventing zero day and unknown.

Reduce costs while improving operational efficiency

30-70% reduction in alerts (<0.1% false positives), alleviating overall burden on SOC teams and driving greater productivity for analysts.

Improve CX and company performance metrics

Reduced alerts lower MTD and MTR – helping you deliver a better customer experience (CX).

Going Farther. Together.

MSSP Program Benefits​

As a trusted member of the Deep Instinct Stratosphere MSSP Program, you’ll have access to resources that will help your business thrive.​

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Training + Certifications​

Increase your deep learning knowledge with sales and technical courses (both live and on-demand).

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Onboarding and Operationalizing

We onboard you onto our platform and help you operationalize it for your business.

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Loyalty Benefits

Collect loyalty points for program incentives, dedicated resources and MDF dollars.

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Go-To-Market Support​

Get access to sales and marketing resources focused on accelerating growth.​

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Partner Portal​

A one-stop shop for all things needed to grow your business with Deep Instinct.​

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New customer opportunities will be driven to our MSSP partners.

Cybersecurity MSSP Resources

Our Customers Have Spoken

"We compared Deep Instinct with our EDR solution – we had an unknown ransomeware attack that Deep Instinct prevented on one of our client’s environments and the EDR solution was not able to find anything. This is one of the main reasons we decided to use Deep Instinct for our customers and for our own business as an MSSP."

Santino Noack, Head of Sales & Business Development, TKUC GmbH

"We are constantly looking for best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions to offer our customers. With Deep Instinct and deep learning, we can now offer our customers simplicity with a prevention first approach to cybersecurity - stopping ransomware and threats before anything happens with speed and accuracy."

Andreas Flemstrom, Executive Managing Director, Techster

"Using Deep Instinct has saved us dozens of hours a month we used to spend manually updating endpoints. With the extra time, we can grow our penetration testing service for clients."

Jay Smith, Network Engineer, Concertium

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