NetApp + Deep Instinct: Robust Protection with Granular Control

Keep your NetApp storage environment malware-free with Deep Instinct’s prevention-first cybersecurity solution. Explore the following reference architecture guide to learn how the Deep Instinct integration works and how our prevention-first, deep-learning solution can be implemented using our scalable, lightweight framework.


Is your NetApp NAS data secure?

You depend on NetApp to provide robust, scalable NAS storage. Yet, there are unseen vulnerabilities. Malware can pass undetected into your NetApp NAS storage from file uploads and cross-application file exchanges when they don’t immediately execute. When they are accessed from within the storage environment, the weaponized file can execute on the endpoint, exfiltrating data and encrypting file systems.


Prevention-first security for NetApp storage

The Deep Instinct Prevention Platform – powered by deep learning – provides a fast, efficient, and effective mechanism to scan files uploaded to NetApp storage. Files are scanned directly within your environment, ensuring full data privacy, confidentiality, and compliance.


NetApp and Deep Instinct integration

DPS delivers enterprise scalability at a low cost with lightning-fast scanning. It integrates seamlessly with Data ONTAP via Vscan, NetApp’s proprietary storage management and data protection software, at the endpoint to scan files in the storage environment to prevent >99% of unknown threats before they can enter storage.


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