JULY 27, 2022

Deep Instinct’s New CIO Shares His Key Reasons for Joining

Job change decisions are always difficult, especially when you've spent over two decades working for the same organization. For me, the challenge was getting out of my comfort zone and embracing a fresh change.

So, what inspired me to take the plunge and make Deep Instinct my choice?

Having spent most of my career in different roles in what was an ever changing, but still the same organization, I had an itch that I wanted to try something different. At the time I was not able to articulate exactly what would scratch the itch until meeting with some members of Deep Instinct and then it clicked. I realized this is the change that I wanted.

Unparalleled Innovative Technology

I had been a part of Citi for over 25 years, and spent much of this time leading teams responsible for security strategies and engineering aspects, plus day-to-day running of security products/services that protected Citi’s global business units. After more than two decades, I felt like I wanted to do something different in cybersecurity, not just go to another large company and do the same thing again. But how could I utilize my learning and experiences while giving me something of a new fresh perspective and remaining close to technology?

This is where Deep Instinct comes in. Moving into the cyber start-up community would enable me to have an impact on many organizations, while being part of something I already knew I enjoyed. I believe that is Deep Instinct and its innovation in deep learning that provides continuous prevention that other approaches cannot match.

When Deep Instinct first came across my desk, like most, I felt we had a good solution already. However, the Deep Instinct name kept popping up, so one Saturday morning I reviewed without the distraction of day-to-day activities. It clicked for me what was unique about Deep Instinct, and how I came to believe that deep learning is the next evolution in cybersecurity – just like we leapt from traditional signatures to machine learning. I had such a “ah ha” moment in previous start-up waves; a gem of an idea or approach hidden in a smaller company. Some of those previous moments that I was involved in are now very successful cybersecurity companies today, and myself and the teams I ran had a part to play in their development and strategy that helped them get there. The scratch for my itch had been found!

The prevention capabilities of this technology and the ability to constantly expand its knowledge base like the human mind, give deep learning unparalleled potential in our endless fight to protect the enterprise, or now for me, customers and enterprises. History will show Deep Instinct to be the first disruptive company in this next evolutionary wave of prevention

The most exciting aspect of deep learning is that we are yet to explore its full potential. It’s such a scalable technology that can be applied to both devices and non-device specific workloads such as cloud platforms. There’s a massive landscape of security risks and gaps that can be explored with deep learning which I can now explore within the company, expanding our capabilities addressing real problems in cyber. So, who wouldn’t want to be a part of this revolutionary journey?

Great Leadership and Culture

“Blimey! What a passionate group of people” – this was my first impressions when I met the Deep Instinct team – I am British after all. Everyone was genuinely excited, and they really believed in the product. This is not something you see in every cybersecurity company.

Due to the stressful nature of the industry, I find that workforces are often unengaged with their organizations and as a leader of large global teams, this was always a priority for me. The Deep Instinct team was very different – they didn’t just talk about their technology stack, we spent time talking about leadership, people, and culture – they really cared. As impressive as the technology is, this feeling is more important to me.

Amazing Reputation

A perk of being in the security industry for so long is that you make a fair share of connections. I asked my friends, ex-colleagues, partners, and former clients about Deep Instinct. None of them had negative feedback about the company or technology, in fact most pushed me into the direction that I really shouldn’t miss the opportunity no matter what else was in my path.

Deep Instinct has already achieved a strong foundation, and credibility in the market and with customers all based on the talent and technology with a focus on customer success. The research team continues to excel, combined with the products and technology Deep Instinct is unparalleled today.

I am honored and very excited to start a new journey of my life with such an innovative and prospective organization.