Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique Deep learning Software – harnessing the power of deep learning architecture and yielding unprecedented prediction models, designed to face next generation cyber threats.

Unmatched Security Made Simple

Deep Instinct provides the most advanced persistent threat solution with multi-tenant management specifically built for MSSPs – allowing you to extend your offering with minimal overhead to your team.

Cybersecurity MSSP Product Highlights

Predictive Threat Prevention

The ideal solution for MSSPs, offer your customers an easy-to-use advanced threat defense with the highest detection rates and lowest false-positive rates for all devices –
Windows, Chrome, Mac, Android, and iOS.


Manage Deep Instinct deployments to
multiple segregated customers from one
single management infrastructure,
using a unified management console
built specifically for MSSPs.


Get Deep Instinct expert assistance to
set up the operation. Manage any support issue during business days or on 24×7 basis.



Easy monitoring of the organization’s security and deployment environment. Easily integrates to MSSPs SMTP and SIEM environments.

Group-based Policy

Provides tools for configuring the organization’s security policy. Manages different policies for groups or individual devices. Groups can be imported from the Active Directory tree, or pre-defined according to device name, OS version, D-Client version, IP range, tag, Tenant ID and more.

Advanced Threat Protection

Provides an Advanced Threat Analysis feature that performs additional threat analysis for any malware file identified. Produces reports with a wide range of information for further analysis.

Logs and Reports

Provides advanced logging and reporting capabilities for security, deployment and threat analysis events. Integrates with lead SIEM products and SMTP servers for log forwarding.

Role-based Access Control

Ability to set different user roles to groups or individual users in the organization.

Simple Deployment and Registration Flow

Integrates with Windows deployment tools, such as SCCM or GPO. Upgrades directly from the management console. Does not require rebooting after installation or upgrade.

Flexible Licensing

Get bulks of licenses at the MSSP level and assign them as needed per tenant.


Provides MSSPs with the capabilities to manage all entities from the same instance and management console.
The solution includes features to allow administrators and SOC teams to manage multi-MSP and multi-tenant environments for even the most advanced persistent threats.

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