APRIL 16, 2017

Deep Instinct Named a 2017 TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor

October 24, 2017 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Deep Instinct, the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecuri

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Deep Instinct, the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity, is proud to announce it has been named a “Distinguished Vendor” in this year’s 2018 TAG Cyber Security Annual, a three-volume publication that is developed to assist enterprise security teams as they modernize their cyber risk programs. Each vendor was hand-selected by Dr. Edward Amoroso, CEO of TAG Cyber, to assist with this year’s report. All three versions of the report are available to download for free at: https://www.tag-cyber.com/annual/2018-annual.

As a Distinguished Vendor, Deep Instinct shared its expertise in intrusion detection solutions for endpoints and mobile. In Volume 2, Deep Instinct’s CTO, Dr. Eli David, discusses applying deep learning to cybersecurity, and how computational advances in neural network processing and algorithms enable new applications to cyber security. The full interview can be accessed here: https://info.deepinstinct.com/tag-cyber-interview-with-cyber-luminaries.

“The work done by Dr. Amoroso continually advances our industry,” said Guy Caspi, CEO of Deep Instinct. “We are excited and eager for the opportunity to work alongside him and his team at TAG Cyber.”

“We are thrilled to be acknowledged as a Distinguished Vendor in this year’s TAG Cyber Security Annual. It was a pleasure to talk to Dr. Amoroso and discuss Deep Instinct's use of deep learning for detection and protection of advanced malware," said Dr. Eli David, CTO of Deep Instinct.

This year’s Annual provides the following three steps to help enterprise security teams modernize their programs:

1. Exploding the flat perimeter enterprise into distributed workloads;
2. Offloading the resultant applications and networks onto cloud-based, software-defined infrastructure; and then
3. Reloading protections using the best available cyber security technologies.

Each year, TAG Cyber publishes its three-volume report to the community for download at no cost.

“The Deep Instinct approach showcases the importance of real time APT detection on endpoints and mobile,” said Amoroso. “Their utilization of deep learning through their D-brain is revolutionary in the field of machine learning.”

Deep Instinct recently raised $32 million in Series B funding from leading investors. In addition, Deep Instinct was named a “Technology Pioneer” by The World Economic Forum, and the “Most Disruptive Startup” at NVIDIA’s 2017 Inception Awards.

About Deep Instinct
Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity. Leveraging deep learning’s predictive capabilities, Deep Instinct’s on-device, proactive solution protects against zero-day threats and APT attacks with unmatched accuracy. Deep Instinct provides comprehensive defense that is designed to protect against the most evasive unknown malware in real-time, across an organization’s endpoints, servers, and mobile devices. Deep learning’s capabilities of identifying malware from any data source results in comprehensive protection on any device and operating system. For more information about Deep Instinct, visit: www.deepinstinct.com.

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