MAY 20, 2021

Two Industry-leading Warranties Support a Unique Customer Promise

Ransomware has been in the headlines even more than usual recently, with the Colonial Pipeline and Irish health service attacks, plus President Biden’s cybersecurity Executive Order all raising the profile of this growing threat.

Yet since COVID made headlines and changed our world, not a single Deep Instinct customer has suffered a successful ransomware attack. It’s that confidence in our ability to prevent unknown threats that inspired us make a commitment to develop the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee and warranty, underwritten by the leading global reinsurer, Munich Re. There’s an old saying, “put your money where your mouth is,” which is exactly what we have done in this case.

Lowest false positive and highest ransomware warranty

Announced on March 11th this year, the warranties have generated a huge buzz amongst our existing and prospective customers, addressing two major concerns that every SecOps team and CISO have. The day-to-day alert storm of false positives that takes up significant parts of the day can be reduced by Deep Instinct. Our efficiency warranty commits us to just .1 False Positive Events per client, per quarter for two consecutive quarters. No other cybersecurity vendor offers this form of performance reassurance. With some studies suggesting that 26% of all security alerts are false positives, reducing this number to a fraction has a massive impact. Having sustained low FPR means reduced overhead, alert fatigue, and costs, while assuring security teams can work on real events while providing more security and protection to their organization.

Even more timely may be the ransomware warranty which pays up to $3M to cover the operational costs of re-imaging, troubleshooting, and so forth. At the time of writing, this is the highest value ransomware warranty offered by any cybersecurity vendor in the world. Per OFAC guidance, we do not condone paying the actual ransomware and this policy will not be used to pay or refund if the customer chooses to do that.

Extensive due diligence

Munich Re was an obvious choice for Deep Instinct, given their experience in cyber risk cover with leading companies such as Google Cloud. Any company underwriting these kinds of warranties does its background work, and it was no exception in the case of Munich Re. A team of insurance, risk, and AI experts from Munich Re conducted the deepest and most exhaustive technical validation we have ever participated in at Deep Instinct. Munich Re’s AI experts made the trip to our Tel Aviv R&D HQ just before Covid restrictions limited travel. The delegation spent a week examining our data collection platform, data process pipeline, model and product architecture, and overall training process for the D-Brain.

Munich Re specialists also looked at our feedback loops in production, decision process, and how we update models, plus core static and dynamic capabilities against ransomware and other ransomware-related attack vectors. Offering these new warranties was an entirely new venture for Munich Re, whose own data scientists thoroughly examined every aspect of the Deep Instinct solution before they were sufficiently satisfied to underwrite the guarantees with us.

Availability and eligibility

Both new and existing customers purchasing a two-year Premium Subscription package for more than 10k licenses (endpoints) will be eligible for these warranties – there is no additional cost. The Premium Subscription is chiefly designed for enterprises with a global presence, who expect an expedited response time for operational issues. The warranties cannot be purchased standalone, as we view the warranties as an integral part of our customer support approach.

Any customers with <10k endpoints taking a two-year subscription, but purchase more during the term of the agreements to reach the threshold, also become eligible. For various legal and technical reasons, we are unable to offer the warranties to MSSPs, or companies with a large software development team (latter only by agreed exception). Initially available within the United States, we are actively in the process of expanding coverage to EMEA and beyond.

Industry-first promise generates huge interest

When meeting with existing and potential customers, we are receiving one consistent message about the warranties: they tell us it gives them great confidence in the abilities of Deep Instinct to elevate their existing security stance, irrespective of existing AV and EDR investments. We are delighted with this feedback, as our core goals are to provide the world’s best prevention from malware attacks, whilst in parallel enabling SecOps teams to become more performant, focused on strategic tasks rather than mundane repetitive ones.

Find out more

If you’d like to see the “small print,” we have published both the efficiency warranty and the ransomware warranty. For more details on the warranties, please contact us; we’d be pleased to answer your questions about these unique commitments.