Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique Deep learning Software – harnessing the power of deep learning architecture and yielding unprecedented prediction models, designed to face next generation cyber threats.


cybersecurity in schools

Ensure school classrooms, lecture halls, libraries, computer labs, and even distance learning environments remain secure around the clock without adding expert staff, budget, or complicated security controls. Deploying Deep Instinct is like having a security analyst continuously monitoring every endpoint, server, and virtual environment.

Since 2016 over 1,000 school districts, colleges, and universities have experienced a successful cyberattack, and that number is on the rise. With such a diverse user base with varying levels of cybersecurity awareness, IT and security teams need solutions that prevent attacks with little to no human expertise required.


cyber security in education sector
Resilient Prevention

Deep Instinct is the only solution delivering resilient prevention that automatically inspects every file as it appears on disk. Deep Instinct instantly removes files deemed malicious, ensuring teachers, students, and staff cannot inadvertently initiate an attack.

Attack surface protection
Broad Attack Surface Protection

With a wide variety of file types, operating systems (including Chrome OS), and mobile devices protected against the most common attack vectors Deep Instinct not only delivers consistent cyber security in schools across a diverse attack surface, but minimizes the total cost of ownership.

low false positives
No "Trade-off" Security

Deep Instinct solution identifies malware, known and more importantly unknown first seen malware, in milliseconds with high efficacy and unheard-of low false-positive rates.

Autonomous security
Connectionless – Hands Off Security

With minimal updates and no continuous internet connection required, we provide cyber safety in schools, ensuring critical assets remain secure in and outside of the classroom with no human intervention required.


easy installation

One-Click Deployment

By far the most straightforward deployment in the market, Deep Instinct installs in seconds, protecting your assets immediately with minimal impact on your machines (<150MB disk space, <1% CPU)

simple configuration

Simple Configuration

In a matter of minutes, you can determine the type of attacks to block, how to manage scripts, and set up group-based policies to meet your needs

threat prevention

Signature-less Threat Prevention

Once deployed, Deep Instinct will analyze every file on every machine, determining it’s intent in milliseconds. Malicious files get quarantined automatically, moving your entire environment to a trusted state fast. As new files attempt to access machines, Deep Instinct will analyze them on the fly, allowing only benign files to reach users. No signatures, no updates required

anti-ransomware protection

Anti-Ransomware Protection

Purpose-built ransomware behavior analysis seeks out activity indicative of ransomware, stopping all suspicious actions in their tracks, preventing your educational institute from becoming a ransomware statistic

advanced threat detection

Advanced Threat Detection

Deep Instinct ensures advanced threats attempting to compromise your environment are rooted out as soon as they are detected. With embedded code injection, dual-use, and Metasploit shellcode detection capabilities Deep Instinct ensures even the most advanced attacks will not succeed

security services

Expert Services at the Ready

Deep Instinct offers a range of security services to help you get the most out of your investment. From setup and configuration to integration and continuous management, Deep Instinct and our team of trusted partners are ready to help

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Try Deep Instinct in your learning environment for a month for free, no strings attached. After your 30 days, a Deep Instinct security consultant will review your personalized risk assessment report, showing you any threat and potentially unwanted program found on your machines.


Once you see the power of Deep Instinct and how easy it is to achieve a continuous, trusted state across your environment, we can discuss the special packages exclusively available to educational institutions.

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