Deep Instinct is truly one of a kind in its field, and I take immense pride in the work I am able to contribute in making it a success. There is no greater feeling than witnessing our company’s progress and victories, and knowing that each of us has played a part in them.

Halle Meyer
Field Marketing Manager

You often  hear about a company’s “core competency.” A company that may be good at network, but isn’t good at endpoint, or email, etc. At Deep Instinct we’re good at Deep Learning. And anywhere we apply it it’s exactly as strong. So we can defend every part of a customer’s company, regardless of infrastructure, with the same level of effectiveness. That’s something no other cybersecurity company can offer.

Brian Black
Distinguished Sales Engineer

My part in influencing the final product is priceless. Together, as a team, we have the flexibility to select the tools, methods and technology to get us where we need to go.

Ilya Alexandrov
Software Team Leader

The company is dynamic and changes quickly so it constantly diversifies your tasks. You learn new things every day, and have the freedom to further explore when you find something that interests you.

Bar Block
Threat Intelligence Researcher

I refer to our market like the Olympics. The competition is tough and in many cases our competition have broken records and hold gold metals. I want that Gold Medal and that’s what keeps all of us pushing to represent Deep Instinct as the best cyber prevention solution.

Bien Nguyen
Sales Engineer

Having management that listens and wants to help you grow makes this role different from any of my others.

Matthew Fulmer
Technical Account Manager

In cybersecurity, we work hard and play hard. This industry can be high-stress…but we revel the small stuff, which greatly raises morale and keeps everyone engaged and happy. I really appreciate the effort Deep instinct takes to make sure employees are happy and love their jobs. This kind of commitment to employees is why I will stay here for long, long time.

Charles Everette
Director of Cybersecurity Advocacy