Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity with its unique Deep learning Software – harnessing the power of deep learning architecture and yielding unprecedented prediction models, designed to face next generation cyber threats.

Protected Customers Are Loyal Customers

Companies in the financial industry are hit hard by cyberattacks and the damage has been enormous. A report by SecurityScoreCard found that an incredible 75 percent of the top 20 US banks had been breached and that as many as 95% had a network security grade of ‘C’ or below.  Deep Instinct’s financial services cybersecurity solution provides full, preventative protection of account information, investment data, and operational endpoints, to ensure your financial institution is free from attack.

Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Protection Beyond Regulation

Regulatory compliance, while necessary, is not sufficient protection against today’s cybercrime. Most financial institutions that experienced a cyberbreach in 2018 were security compliant, using up-to-date anti-virus signatures and heuristics. Deep Instinct’s solution not only supports organizations to be PCI DSS compliant, but achieves a level of security that guarantees protection.

Protect Sensitive Information

Banks possess huge amounts of sensitive information and customer data, whether it be passwords, pin codes, account numbers and email addresses. Not surprisingly, this makes them a common target of cybercrime. Deep Instinct’s multi-layer protection ensures a comprehensive approach against sophisticated cyber threats, such as banking trojans and other types of spyware.

Protect the Digital Banking Evolution

Banking and financial services are increasingly taking place on a digital sphere, whether it be online apps, digital branches or mobile banking. At the same time, this dramatically increases the veracity of attack vectors. Using AI deep learning technology, Deep Instinct is uniquely predisposed to manage the modern complexity of this threat, ensuring that institutions are comprehensively protected, irrespective of the file or format of the attack.

Protect Remote Connectivity

With numerous interconnected endpoints that include ATMs, branches, micro-branches, and data centers, having a comprehensive Endpoint Protection (EPP) solution is critical. To address this need Deep Instinct provides an EPP solution that is provisioned across multiple layers of defense, to protect against both known and unknown cyber threats, irrespective of connection to the network or Internet.

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