Deep Instinct for Mobile devices (Android and IOS)

Static file analysis using an autonomous lightweight prediction model
that prevents zero-day malicious apps from running on mobile devices,
with/ without a network connection


Real time protection

Detects any file before it is accessed or executed on a mobile. According to the security policy, the D-Client decides whether to prevent and quarantine the file, or to allow access/execution.

Malicious attack detection

Monitors and reports malicious attacks, including MitM attacks using ARP Poisoning, attacks using User Certificate Authority, SSL MitM attacks, attacks using HOSTS files and more.


Initial and periodical full file scans in order to identify pre-existing malicious apps on the device.

Compliance protection

Monitors and reports non-compliant devices: approved OS versions, rooted/jailbroken devices, USB debugging, unknown sources, storage encryption, password control and more.

File access control

Ability to whitelist apps based on app hash (Android).


Low memory footprint, requires less than 1% of the battery usage.

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