APRIL 4, 2019

Are You One of the Learned Few?

To be part of the learned few means challenging conventional wisdom with the realization that cybersecurity has evolved from protection to prevention.

To be part of the learned few means challenging conventional wisdom with the realization that cybersecurity has evolved from protection to prevention. The learned few know about the difference that can be achieved by the most advanced form of AI technology, deep learning. The artificial neural network brain of deep learning provides the instinctive ability to anticipate, identify and prevent any known or unknown cyber threats in milliseconds. Equipped with their unique insight, only the learned few are truly free to pursue a business world without fear of cyber-attack, no matter how sophisticated they become.


Meet Some Members of the Learned Few:


Name: Rodney Sees

Company: Accurate Computer Solutions

Rodney was responsible for mitigating an Emotet infection that had attacked one of their banking clients. “We threw everything at it, and nothing would stop the virus”. He could see in real-time that client data was being stolen. Looking at having to reload 15 to 20 machines, the client at that point was threatening to pull their contract.

The experience of utilizing Deep Instinct’s zero-time prevention meant that once an emergency was pushed through, the virus was stopped. They were able to triage the attack, they didn’t have to reload all the computers, and by the day’s end, they had kept the client.

“The high prevention rate of Deep Instinct is what really sets it apart, while other security platforms, detect the virus, they don’t do anything about it, Deep Instinct actually prevents the virus”.   


Name: George Monroy

Company: Monroy IT Services

New client gave them a call one morning and sent reports of what looked like a possible ransomware attack. It appears that folders had gotten infected and were getting locked down.

Although not due to roll-out Deep Instinct for a few weeks, they accelerated the deployment of the deep learning-based cybersecurity platform. Once implemented it was able to stop the infection, limiting its spread to just a couple of folders. “This really saved us, as it was our largest client that was under attack.

The value that we see out of Deep Instinct is that we’re sleeping better at night… it’s scanning so many things that others never did. We feel more secure in providing a more stable network for our clients that’s free from infection”.


Name: Robert Boles


A partner of Blokworx reached out regarding a client that they described as “under water”, they were also experiencing an intense Emotet malware attack. Ironically, they had the right solutions in place, but it had not been configured correctly and was not working. By the time they were seen by Blokworx, their tools and systems were already compromised.

Deep Instinct’s solution was deployed, and it was as if the two entities were in battle with each other, where the Emotet is populating and Deep Instinct is beating it back”. Within a couple of days, the number of incidences went down, by seven days the attack was minimized significantly and brought into controllable levels so that remediation steps could be taken to finish it off.


With Deep Instinct the first to prevent is the first to be free. Read the solution overview to find out more.