MAY 12, 2017

Deep Instinct Named "Most Disruptive Startup" in NVIDIA's 2017 Inception Awards

Company recognized for innovative use of GPUs in first application of deep learning to cybersecurity SAN JOSE, California, May 12, 2017 /

Company recognized for innovative use of GPUs in first application of deep learning to cybersecurity

SAN JOSE, CaliforniaMay 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --

Deep Instinct, the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity, today announced it has been named the "Most Disruptive Startup" by NVIDIA.

Earlier this year, Deep Instinct was selected out of hundreds of AI and deep learning startups to compete in the NVIDIA's Inception AI startup competition to find the best AI startups. The Inception Awards ceremony took place Wednesday in Silicon Valley at the GPU Technology Conference, the premiere AI event with more than 7,000 industry leaders, media, and investors in attendance.

This was the inaugural year of NVIDIA's Inception Awards, which recognized startups in three categories - Hottest Emerging, Most Disruptive, and Social Innovation. Winners received significant cash prizes and graphics processing unit (GPU) hardware to further accelerate their activities.

Emerging out of stealth mode in November 2015, Deep Instinct's patent-pending application of deep learning to cybersecurity results in cutting-edge capabilities of unmatched accurate detection and real-time prevention. Leveraging the capabilities associated with deep learning, Deep Instinct provides instinctive protection on any device, platform, and operating system. Zero-day and APT attacks are immediately detected and blocked before any harm can happen to the enterprise's endpoints, servers, and mobile devices.

"Deep Instinct relies on end-to-end deep learning for all its advanced malware protection , detection and prevention capabilities. The deep neural network is trained on hundreds of millions of malicious and legitimate files. To handle such large-scale training, Deep Instinct developed its proprietary deep learning infrastructure directly on NVIDIA's GPU machines," said Dr. Eli David, CTO of Deep Instinct. "The powerful capabilities of NVIDIA GPUs enable us to perform our training at a substantially faster speed compared to CPUs: while training the Deep Instinct brain on NVIDIA's GPUs takes a little over a single day of training, the same task on CPUs would take more than three months!"

"We are thrilled to be recognized by NVIDIA for what we believe is a groundbreaking application of GPUs," said Guy Caspi, CEO of Deep Instinct. "Being able to leverage powerful technological capabilities to apply deep learning to cybersecurity empowers enterprises with unprecedented, real-time protection from the next unexpected attack."

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About Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct is the first company to apply deep learning to cybersecurity. Leveraging deep learning's predictive capabilities, Deep Instinct's on-device, proactive solution protects against zero-day threats and APT attacks with unmatched accuracy. Deep Instinct provides comprehensive defense that is designed to protect against the most evasive unknown malware in real-time, across an organization's endpoints, servers, and mobile devices. Deep learning's capabilities of identifying malware from any data source results in comprehensive protection on any device, any platform, and operating system. Deep Instinct is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel and has offices in San Francisco, CA. To learn more, visit:

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